Dating younger than 18

Dating younger than 18

The dos and don'ts of dating a younger woman

Is it illegal to date a minor? (if your 18+)

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A commonly accepted rule of thumb is that you should not date anyone who is less than half your age, plus seven years. For example, an year-old should not date someone who is younger than 16, since half of 18 years is nine years, plus seven years yields 16 years. Similarly, a year-old should not date someone younger than This rule applies to men as well as women.

The resulting range of acceptable age combinations is shown in the chart above. As always, many thanks to Randy Olson for dating younger than 18 his work with Know More. No more Know more. Do men on OKCupid follow the Standard Creepiness Rule? What the Republican candidates would have earned in minimum wage when they were teens. Want to dating younger than 18 more? Like us on Facebook.

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A graph that shows when it’s O.K. to date someone younger than you


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