Start dating matchmaking service business

Start dating matchmaking service business

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Want to start a matchmaking service? Jasbina Ahluwalia is a lawyer turned matchmaker. Learn how she used her professional skills to open Intersections Matchmaking in California. Jasbina knew from personal experience how hard it is for a professional to find the time to date. This experience helped her open a matchmaking service in Intersections Matchmaking is a premium personalized matchmaking service designed for proactive professionals, executives and entrepreneurs who recognize that their choice of that special someone is a pivotal life decision best not left to chance alone.

Our selective clients wish to invest their limited time meeting only with people who have the greatest potential to be their special someone. We first get a clear understanding of our clients and their relationship goals, needs and wants through our personal consultation, and on that basis introduce our clients to matches with real potential. Matches come from our exclusive "introduction plan" client base; our nationwide "pool membership"; events we attend throughout the Bay Area; the Matchmaking Institute's nationwide network; our nationwide contacts; as well as our everyday lives including various professional, cultural, social and charitable organizations.

Each match is prescreened, and a criminal background start dating matchmaking service business is run, before introductions are made. There are a wide variety of reasons. For some, they've merely left it up to chance, with the attitude that it will just happen when it's meant start dating matchmaking service business happen.

But I ask you: Our comprehensive personal consultation is specially designed to facilitate self-reflection at the beginning of our process as a means of enhancing our clients' chances of finding meaningful and lasting relationships. For still others, they just haven't focused either their time or energies on finding the right relationship for them. Our service addresses these issues by making it possible for our clients to invest their limited time and energies meeting only with people who have the greatest potential to be their special someone.

As a practicing attorney with meaningful relationships with family and friends, I led a full life missing only a significant other with whom to share my life. I had personally experienced the challenges of juggling professional demands, maintaining relationships with family and friends, and finding men who met my high standards. Having found my life partner after trial and error, I set out to design the kind of service I would have liked for myself. Before embarking on your entrepreneurial venture, have your finances in such a shape via savings, funding, etc that you can focus your efforts on developing a service or product of the highest quality.

As an entrepreneur, you do not want financial pressures to compromise your delivery of a service or product that you can stand by. From the very beginning, it has been important to me to have the freedom to work only with clients whose lives we could truly add value to. Who are some of your competitors, and how are your services start dating matchmaking service business from theirs? That being said, the ubiquity of online dating has helped our business model considerably in two ways:.

A second category of competition is blind dates. Dates arranged by friends may be considered non-commercial competitors. Our introduction plans are different from blind dates because we strategically search for and prescreen matches for clients based on the personal consultation and subsequent feedback. Friends, having busy lives of their own, often tend to set up friends based merely on the fact that both people happen to be single and available at the same time.

Also, there is generally limited, if any, feedback after a blind date; whereas an integral feature of Intersections' service is the feedback we elicit from both matches. Unlike dating services generally, Intersections does not limit start dating matchmaking service business introduction plan clients to meeting start dating matchmaking service business Intersections' clients exclusively. Rather, the idea is to exponentially expand our selective clients' universe of potential matches.

I believe that it can be extremely effective for an entrepreneur to determine ie through market research, personal experience, etc. When I founded Intersections, I believed there was an untapped need in the market for matchmakers who could first-hand relate to clients based on similar professional backgrounds and experiences. This distinctive understanding allows us to offer a unique value proposition for our clientele. As a second-generation Indian-American raised in the U.

This understanding allowed Intersections to pioneer matchmaking for Southeast Asian professionals, executives start dating matchmaking service business entrepreneurs in the U. From my experience, remaining attuned to the needs of clients and prospective clients is very important. Thanks for sharing your interesting career path with us, Jasbina. Best wishes on growing your business. Interview with Anti-Aging Entrepreneur David Tippie Interview with Entrepreneur Stephen Cliffe.

What's your perspective on this entrepreneurial story? Has reading it inspired you to become an entrepreneur? We welcome all comments, questions and suggestions. Tell me about your current business. What are you doing exactly?

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