Kerri cipriani still dating masonry

Kerri cipriani still dating masonry

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Or sign in with one of these services. OnceSane September 13, 23 posts. In the Season 2 finale, Chris and Kerri choose whether they want to pursue a potential relationship with each other or with one of the other daters. Kerri cipriani still dating masonry wonder why Fallon would come back! She was rejected after being 'kept' a couple of times, maybe the better one knows her the less they want her around. Chris is a nice guy, but to risk the humiliation of being rejected a second and making the trip to the Philippines to do it, is a bit over the top.

If he rejects her once, wonder what makes her think this time will be different. Same kerri cipriani still dating masonry Mason, but he was much less stuck on himself than Fallon was stuck on herself. Poor Mason cannot add the years Kerri so dearly seeks. Even the kerri cipriani still dating masonry makes it obvious that they will choose each other.

From the last episode, it was very clear that Kerri was interested in Chris but that he wasn't interested in her. So why tease it as a possibility in the finale unless somehow the producers make it happen. It does seem that each episode plays more and more to that ending. If they do end up together it casts such a shadow of fakery on the entire show. To kind of throw us all off. That ending was a little surprising. BUT, I couldn't not stare at Amy Pffffttttt's chest. That was a beautiful dress but not on her.

Her chest looks bizarre, along with her very defined arms I was very surprised with that ending, and I'm satisfied with it. There was no doubt in my mind that Mason and Kerri just fit. The way she was around him was lights above and beyond how she was with Dan and Chris. Dan is an abusive partner waiting to happen. She dodged a bullet with that one. I wish that Chris picked no one. It's obvious that Elissa and Fallon are the types of women he's used to being with.

Fiercely passionate to the point of antagonizing other people. It's obvious that he had ZERO interest in Kerri. I think he would have tried to be physically intimate with her if that were the case. Ultimately, his outcome was for the best because both women would be too much to deal with. I think Chris picked Kerri just to get the other 2 off his back, and was relieved when she didn't pick him so he doesn't have to fake a "long distance relationship" until he could gracefully break it off with her.

And I think Kerri made the best choice for her. Also, do none of these people's parents watch their show? I guess they don't care. But I'm embarrassed for them: She never left the island. They kept her and Mason because they were the longest kept keepers to bring back for the finale. That said, I totally did not see that end coming, but completely agree that Chris chose Kerri because he didn't want to choose Elissa or Fallon. I think Kerri knew it too because even on their last date, he treated more like a little sister than a romantic interest.

I think Chris and Kerri and the producers worked kerri cipriani still dating masonry whole thing out on their last date. No one was surprised there. Chris kerri cipriani still dating masonry Kerri to go ahead and pick Mason. Now he'll go home and get tons of pity tail from women who saw him get "jilted". I mean, he was getting with every one of those broads he could, yet he never tried to put the moves on her?

With that giant appendage we all heard so much about? Thank god that's over. Still though, I figured he'd follow the script and pick her. I was surprised at Kerri though I feel like she spent all that time kerri cipriani still dating masonry over Chris and trying to kerri cipriani still dating masonry him how they should be kerri cipriani still dating masonry, just to pick that cheeseball toolbag Mason in the end. I loved the shots of Chris's terrified face when Fallon and Elissa were fighting.

He always has a mildly frightened look on his face, but he looked downright scared sitting between those two. I wanted Dan to punch Mason in the face so bad. Whoever above said Dan is an abuser waiting to happen is spot on, but Mason just grates on me with his stupid cheesy lyric-talking. What an absolute clown. As expected, Chris chose Kerri, saying his eyes were opened up and she was the best kerri cipriani still dating masonry for him. I agree that was mostly motivated by the fact that he finally realised that both Fallon and Elissa are crazy.

Fallon's closing comment was that she needs a man who can handle how strong she is. In other words, she needs a doormat who will let her to be the psycho controlling witch that she is. Elissa's closing comment was that she can't have her guy thinking about others. I agree with her, but if that's the case, then she shouldn't have been on a dating show. Dan is a creep. Like Elissa, he kerri cipriani still dating masonry to check the memo that he was on a dating show, where the object of his desire was also going to be dating a bunch of other guys.

He was always eavesdropping and butting in. He's a gigantic ass. I actually think Kerri should be concerned that she lives in the same city as him. I could easily see him constantly stalking her. I liked Mason a lot less this time than when he first appeared. I did notice this time that he always speaks in cliches and sayings that are meant to be deep. But unlike Chris, he was always into her, and Kerri at least deserves someone who is into her.

Chris did appear to wait too long to make his feelings known. But I wonder if that was done deliberately. He's going to go home and get lots of attention, and probably wind up on Season 3 and do this all over again.


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