The science of a good online dating profile photo

The science of a good online dating profile photo

Here Are the Best Possible Dating Profile Pictures According to Science

The Research & Science Behind Finding Your Best Profile Picture

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Thank the gods for online dating, which provides a massive cache of data to be mined for years. The photo is where is all begins. There are other factors that will increase or decrease your action gold. And what they found is interesting:. However, the female photos that got the most messages were when the women smiled and made eye contact with the camera. Results were quite different for men. When it comes to women met per attempt, men who did NOT smile and made NO eye contact with the camera did significantly better.

And, like with the women, men who donned flirty face looking away from the camera did far worse. I have to admit — a pic of an unsmiling man is hot. Why would this be? My take is that a serious face is more masculine; it indicates the masculine trait of emotional control. A MySpace pic is do-it-yourself shot where you hold the camera above you, so the viewer scienc looking down at you.

MySpace shots are kind of… dopey. BUT, according to these data, they the science of a good online dating profile photo, much to the surprise of even the guy who analyzed the data. His theory was that they offer a better shot of cleavage. But even when they analyzed cleavage-free shots, this type of photo had far more success than photos of women outdoors, traveling, or hanging with friends.

As a side note, pics that involved alcohol or animals performed the worst. By the time a guy is 30, the shirtless thing backfires. Cleavage is good, BUT… Yes, cleavage shots yield far more messages. And the older you are, the more effective the cleavage shot. Of course, this analysis focused on message VOLUME. When they probed further, they found what any of us would expect: So be careful with the cleavage.

I suspect this age range explains the MySpace shot effect. Online dating bangalore without registration be interesting to examine these results in sclence populations. As in they are at a bar and they are doing shots and he has his arms around her. That always boggles my mind why a woman would do that. Are she trying to show that she is fun and other guys consider her attractive? When a guy is considering a girl for a relationship—such as the girl whose profile he is currently reading, the last thing he wants to think of is her getting drunk with another dude and something inappropriate happening.

Do women in your age bracket actually do that? If they are into the bar scene, all they have to do is to go out and they ptofile get hit on by a lot of sceince dudes. There tend to be more women to men, and that makes them oline harder at OLD. This is what I think anyway…. Yeah, women in their 20s can get away with more because there are more single the science of a good online dating profile photo at that age, plus all the older ones who will date them.

I have a dilemma. Is it better to post average pictures of yourself and get fewer replies but exceed expectations when you meet in person? Or is it better to put up hpoto 1 in 20 photos where you look really the science of a good online dating profile photo, get more replies to your emails, but then your date thinks you look better in pics than the science of a good online dating profile photo person?

I wonder if that elusive first date chemistry is based upon preconceived notions brought on by photos. I think an interesting study would be to ask women if on their best first dates, they felt the guy looked better in pictures, same as pics or worse than pics. My bet is that the vast majority would rate the guy looked better in person if they got all tingly when meeting for first time. Christie, any idea if such a study exists? If one does exist, I am sure you will find it. You have a heckuva good research dept.

Interesting study on the smiling pictures! Of course we read the profiles for substance and interesting facts and guided ourselves based on the whole package. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Home Books Blog Coaching Resources About Christie. The Science of a Good Online Dating Profile Photo by Christie Hartman Oct 9, Online DatingScience of Dating and Mating 7 comments.

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Never choose your own dating profile picture if you want to find romance, say scientists


Online Dating Profile Picture Tips

The best profile picture to get you a date: Women should look away and wear their hair up while men are better off smiling without showing their teeth

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