Brick bible author atheist dating

Brick bible author atheist dating

When a Catholic Woman Discovers That the ‘Brick Testament’ Isn’t Christian-Friendly, Hilarity Ensues…

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I am the creator of The Brick Testament website, an ongoing project to illustrate the entire Bible in LEGO bricks. Working with a publisher in recent years, I've authored and brick bible author atheist dating The Brick Bible series of books: In all of these Bible-related projects, I've endeavored to let the Bible speak for itself. All the stories are retold using direct quotes from scripture with chapter and verse cited.

I'm very pleased that this approach has won fans among the full spectrum of belief from the devoutly religious to ardent atheists. My latest LEGO-illustrated book is a departure from the Bible and covers a niche of American history. The Brick Chronicle of Attempts on the Lives of Twelve US Presidents. Here's a timely excerpt from my new Assassination! Announcement of IAmA on The Brick Testament news page. Is this thing on?: I teach Religious Studies at a secondary school in Yorkshire.

I am not religious myself but see the necessity of teaching RS in an attempt to educate future generations in the hope of a more tolerant and informed society. I would not be able to do my job as successfully if it wasn't for The Brick Testament which captivates the most grumpy of teenagers - massive thank you! What is your reaction to the plethora of parents who have recently been accusing you of misrepresenting the Bible?

To take a quote from brick bible author atheist dating Amazon. I quickly flipped through, but realized something was amiss when my 9 year old came to me and said, "This doesn't seem right I don't remember this in the Bible. The God figure in the Old Testament appears angry and vengeful. I agree with another reviewer: It's brick bible author atheist dating that these criticisms of my books come in the form of 1-star reviews on Amazon, serving to scare people away from my books that might otherwise really appreciate them.

At the same time, it's kind of understandable given people's lack of knowledge about the content of the Bible and often their complete obliviousness to that ignorance. Before I read the Bible for myself, I surely did not have a preconceived notion of Yahweh always being upset or acting vengeful. I approached the Bible with an open mind and very few preconceived notions. But the more of the Bible I read, the more it seemed impossible that anyone would depict Yahweh with anything other than an angry and vengeful disposition.

I say that without making any judgment of Yahweh's character, I am strictly making an impartial observation. One could well believe that it is holy and right for Yahweh to be upset and vengeful, or one could believe it's despicable and wrong. But I don't see how someone could actually read the Old Testament and come away with a different impression of Yahweh.

In the New Testament Yahweh himself only brick bible author atheist dating a few cameo appearances, and one might be tempted to think that his character has fundamentally changed which seems like an odd thing to happen to God, but anyhowbut if you continue all the way through to the book of Revelation, the ol' fire-and-brimstone Yahweh makes a triumphant return and a continuity of character is reestablished.

All this can be quite brick bible author atheist dating and can cause serious cognitive dissonance for religious believers who have not actually read the Bible and have formed their idea of a loving and caring God from other sources. But it hardly seems right to blame the messenger for showing an accurate portrayal of the Bible's content. Finding out that I am not religious seems to be an out for a lot of such critics. Rather than confront the stark contrast between their notions of God and how the Bible brick bible author atheist dating God, they jump on the fact that I am an atheist, and therefore must be up to nefarious trickery or that I'm in league with the devil.

What's the most extreme reaction positive or negative, though I'm guessing negative you've ever gotten from someone who saw your work? I've gotten a fair amount of fanboy or fangirl type praise, which is always quite flattering. There is even one woman who got a tattoo on her ankle of my LEGO Moses holding the ten commandments: Some of the more extreme negative reactions to my work have come in the form of 1-star reviews for my books on Amazon, like this one:.

This Bible was written by an atheist with his own agenda at heart. It's basically a "Family Guy" version of the Bible with the volume turned up. Many of the scenes he depicts are so violent or sexual in nature that it's sick to think that this is marketed towards children. My only books that are actively marketed toward young kids are the Brick Bible for Kids picture books http: On the front page of my website http: Do you have any future plans for other LEGO-illustrated books?

Having released the Old Testament book in and the New Testament in sorry shorties tall dudes have their pick of the dating pool re-released this year in a two-book hardcover box setmy publisher asked if I would create another larger LEGO-illustrated book geared toward older children, teens, and adults. So I spent this past year creating Assassination! The Brick Chronicle of Attempts on the Lives of Twelve US Presidents, which has just been released: I am currently working on writing a follow-up book that will continue The Brick Chronicle series of LEGO-illustrated history books.

I won't give away any details about that one yet, but I think it will be quite revolutionary. I'm also continuing the series of Bible story picture books for young readers, and just finished work on the Jonah and the Whale story for release in April After that who knows? I have several more ideas that I think would make great books. Let's hope people buy enough of my books that I brick bible author atheist dating to make more!

My LEGO collection is very large. I weighed it the other day, and it came out to one metric heckton of LEGO. It's not the largest collection I've seen among adult LEGO builders, though. What some people don't realize it that I am constantly deconstructing what I've built once I have a great photo of it so that I always have the raw materials to move on to building the next scene. I know your main thing is the Bible - but what inspired you to do a book about assassination attempts on US Presidents??

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