Supplements healthy necassary free dating singles and

Supplements healthy necassary free dating singles and

Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements: Do You Need to Take Them?

Getting your vitamins and minerals through diet

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Supplements aren't for everyone, but older adults and others may benefit from specific supplements. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans make it clear that your nutritional needs should be met primarily through your diet. For some people, however, supplements may be a useful way to get nutrients they might otherwise be lacking. But before you go shopping for supplements, get the facts on what they will and won't do for you. Supplements aren't intended to be a food substitute because they can't replicate all of the nutrients and benefits of whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

So depending on your situation and your eating habits, dietary heaalthy may not be worth the expense. If anc generally healthy and eat a wide variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, low-fat dairy products, lean meats and fish, you likely don't need supplements. However, the dietary guidelines recommend supplements — or fortified foods — in the following situations:. Talk to your suppllements or a dietitian about which supplements and what doses might be appropriate for you.

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Nutrition in a pill? By Mayo Clinic Staff. References Dietary Guidelines for Americans, Department of Health and Human Services. Women online dating profile you need to know. National Institutes of Health, Office of Dietary Supplements. Addressing nutritional gaps with multivitamin and mineral supplements. Questions to ask before taking vitamin and mineral supplements. Fletcher RH, et al. Vitamin supplementation in disease prevention.

Dietary supplements — Adverse event reporting. Food and Drug Administration. American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide. Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Food and nutrition for older adults: Promoting health and wellness. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Kushi LH, et al. American Cancer Society guidelines on nutrition and physical activity for cancer prevention.

A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. Nutrition concerns and health effects of vegetarian diets. Nutrition in Clinical Practice. National Women's Health Resource Center. Prevention of falls in community-dwelling older adults: Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statement. Annals of Internal Medicine. Bauer BA expert opinion. Products and Services The Mayo Clinic Diet Online Book: The Mayo Clinic Diet Book: See also Are dietary supplements right for you?

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