Hang lekir raya dating

Hang lekir raya dating

Are you hot enough to join the most exclusive dating app on the planet?

Raya Dating App Is Like Tinder For Famous People — And It's Super Exclusive

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Daying Edwards slips through the portals of possibly the most exclusive dating site on the whole wide interweb For 20 thrilling seconds over the shoulder of a Raya member, I have a keyhole view of the dating app for A-listers, and, oh my word, it's fun. Wasn't he up for an Oscar? Oooh, who is hqng DJ-I've-vaguely-heard- of? This one is a nut-brown monobrow, laughing off the world's cares on his yacht.

Ddating as I laugh with him, the app is minimised on my Raya friend's iPhone, and the fun disappears like cocaine down the plughole in a police raid. It is a dating app for those 'too famous' to mix with civilians. Since it launched in Marchthe names of a few members have lfkir leaked to the media. Cara Delevingne and Samantha Ronson ex of Lindsay Lohan and DJ sister of Markplus actors Bonnie Wright Harry Potter and, just recently, Nicholas Hoult Mad Max. Americans who've kekir on it include Elijah Wood, Zach Braff, Matthew Perry, Teri Hatcher, John Cusack and the designer Alexander Wang.

After Kelly Osbourne's profile was exposed, Raya introduced a banner that popped up when users tried to take a screenshot, threatening expulsion from the app if the picture appeared anywhere public. Although the members I hang lekir raya dating to were discreet, all admitted they'd been shocked by how high-profile some were. And then there are the directors, writers, agents, photographers, models and yogis - people the Raya founders describe as 'in the creative industries' - as well as, hang lekir raya dating recently, Arsenal players, basketball players and Sports Illustrated girls.

So who are Raya's founders? Only one is named: PR man Mike McGuiness, founder of the LA-based Co-Op Agency. My repeated requests, hang lekir raya dating an intermediary, to the anonymous 'guys who run it' were denied. They won't even give off-the-record background,' I was told. However, the online channel Amuse has quoted 'a founder' as saying: We believe that tears away at the integrity of the committee.

We simply want Raya to have just popped out of nowhere and quietly throw the best party on the internet. To do so, this means that unfortunately we cannot include everyone - especially people who would gossip or "out" some of our members. So far, the strategy of silence has been winning. Raya has been described as 'Tinder for the Illuminati' lekor compared hang lekir raya dating Fight Club as in: Those on it feel 'chosen', as if for some virtual Vanity Fair Oscars party.

And indeed they are chosen. Recommended by an existing member or three and vetted by a 'committee', which, with the help of an algorithm, trawls Instagram accounts and, one assumes, a billion bikinied selfies to make sure that if applicants are not A-list and obvious, they are at least popular and good-looking. For some people, it's an ego boost to match with someone hot.

Put it like this: But it wasn't until December that she actually signed up. This was ostensibly introduced as a means of daitng that people are who they say they are. Jade - a '10' - works in fashion and says that she joined because everyone else had. But it's not exactly cool. There's something a bit slimy about the idea that you have hang lekir raya dating be approved to be on it. Like Lauren, it took Jade a day to get signed up.

It's very Instagram- focused. The idea is, "who's the most influential online. Because of her age and industry, Jade tends to be matched with 'hipster' musicians and photographers in New York and London. He offered her a choice of venues; she chose the pub. Perhaps it was a metaphor. At least one of Jade's friends has found a Raya relationship - albeit long-distance, between London and New York. Of course, Raya is not the only exclusive dating site.

There's Sparkology and the League - the hang lekir raya dating catering to academically snobby graduates of Ivy League universities - as well as Luxy self-described as 'Tinder minus the poor people'which verifies users' wealth by their tax returns, and an invitation-only London-based app called the Inner Circle, which is primarily for Euros. Generally, according to Jade, 'Raya people are classier, friendlier and nicer than people on other apps.

And because you can only look at 25 profiles at a time, people aren't ruthlessly swiping like they do on Tinderwhere people are hang lekir raya dating looking for nasty hook-ups. But, Lauren argues, Raya has its own version of the dick pic: It's either a jet or a hang lekir raya dating car - probably not even theirs. For me, they are always a no. Being English, she told him to 'stick it up his gold-plated arse'. But is Raya about to change?

Jade and Lauren both say that when they joined, hajg last year, the community was 'small and cosy' - Lauren estimates around 2, people - 'maybe more, but not many more. By the end of Januaryaccording to one analytics rayya, Raya was getting around visits per hhang. It's full of brand owners. And athletes,' says year-old Camilla also not her real namea photographer. First LA, then New York, London, Sydney and Hang lekir raya dating, and now it's going all over Europe,' says Lauren.

Oh right, the Brits are on board! Will Raya be a victim of its own success? Will popularity destroy exclusivity? Camilla thinks not - as long as the vetting process is adhered to. It's a social platform. There are agents on Raya looking for models, models looking for photographers. It's as much for making friends as anything else. It's still very exclusive, but you can use it as a tool for work, as well as scroll through it in the back of an Uber and have a gawp.

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John Mayer Uses the Dating App 'Raya'

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