Dating causewayed enclosures unlimited

Dating causewayed enclosures unlimited

Causewayed enclosure

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Coneybury Henge BC…Of Eagles and Kings POSTED IN Stonehenge. The previous thread here looked at Stage One Stonehenge post holes dating from the early part of the third millenium BC. Evidence suggests that after dating causewayed enclosures unlimited a short period of usage, the early Stonehenge site was possibly abandoned and deserted to the elements, followed by a rapid recolonisation by scrub, bushes and rank grass. The wooden structures were left to decay and the ditch and bank to erode.

Particularly from snail evidence and various archaeological investigations dating causewayed enclosures unlimited site first suspected by Col Hawley in it is now generally accepted that there was a period during the early third millennium BC when the Stonehenge site was subject to human abandonment. After the sheer human commitment and physical effort necessary to construct Phase One of Stonehenge, why was the site abandoned after a relatively short period of use? I shall leave pondering the zeitgeist and cultural context of those distant times to others more informed and qualified in such speculation.

What do we know about Coneybury Henge and its surrounding area? Conversely, there are intriguing differences which endow Coneybury Henge with its own unique characteristics and beg many further questions. During the above investigations, Mr. In my dating causewayed enclosures unlimited, the most fascinating, thought-provoking and unique discovery at Coneybury Henge is the rara avis, the white tailed sea eagle.

Mindful that excarnation funerary practices are known to have existed particularly in southern Britain at certain times in prehistory, it is my uneducated guess that our inscrutable ancestors enjoyed a particularly deep relationship on all levels with birds in general. The placing of this bird at this location at this particular moment in time represents probably one of the most symbolically charged and potent acts of votive deposition we have as yet discovered in modern times within the Stonehenge environs.

I make mention of the above only to illustrate the special relationship that our ancestors may have enjoyed with birds and the deeply intimate influence that birds may have exercised on their psyche. Eagles also seem to have played a part in the dating causewayed enclosures unlimited of Albion as discussed here on Eternal Idol and illustrated here.

Hunting birds particularly have enjoyed a special status amongst the historical kings and queens of Britain. The above white-tailed sea eagle may have been held in captivity by the then king of Stonehenge as the only bird of high enough status to eat the flesh of human kings at the required time. For the man to know that one day his flesh would be offered as food to this bird he shared his life with must have been a constant and humbling reminder of his fate.

Imagine Dating causewayed enclosures unlimited Henge for a short time dating singer featherweight machine a hill near Stonehenge dedicated to a funerary ritual fit for a king of the Wessex tribe, a Dating causewayed enclosures unlimited Westminster Abbey. The captive eagle offered forward that had shared much of its life in the company of the living king. A bird chosen by the king himself had the honour bestowed upon it of feasting on the flesh of a king for a final meal itself.

After the eagle was satiated and a suitable time had elapsed, the bird was sacrificed and the family of the king ritually prepared and feasted too on the flesh of the eagle. Unfortunately, it is not free to view. Pliny also observed that eagle stones should be wrapped in the skin of an animal that has been sacrificed. The stone was observed to have a purplish colour, coincidentally, the colour closely associated with British royalty to the extent that Elizabeth I forbade anyone except close members of the royal family from wearing the colour.

Does the Eagle know what is in the pit, Or wilt thou go ask the Mole? Can Wisdom be put in a silver rod, Or Love in a golden bowl? Web Design Elms Creative. Home Stonehenge Stonehenge Incised Chalk Plaques Avon River Amesbury Abbey Vespasians Camp. Coneybury Henge BC…Of Eagles and Kings. It is classified as a small henge monument on a low hill ESE of Stonehenge and was excavated by Mr J. Much of the information summarised in the bullet points below is sourced from the English Heritage Book of Stonehenge written by Mr.

Richards and published in It consists of an oval ditch 45 metres across at its longest diameter, with a single entrance ENE. The southern section of the excavated ditch was approximately 3 metres to its base. The profile at the base was narrow and V-shaped. The northern section of the ditch appears slightly shallower, with its base at approximately 2. Looking at the comparative ditch free black christian singles dating sites provided on pages 92 and 93 of the above book, the chalk rubble does appear much more evenly distributed and less compacted at the bottom of the southern V-shaped ditch.

In the centre of the enclosure lay a possible circle of pits or post holes, some of which may have held upright stones or timbers, and many of which contained small quantities of grooved ware pottery.

Coneybury Henge 2750BC…Of Eagles and Kings


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