Dating a medicated bipolar man

Dating a medicated bipolar man


Dating a Bipolar Person ?

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Guest over a year ago. Guest over 4 months ago. I though it will go away, and this is just one of my phases, but it is not. I can't live like dating a medicated bipolar man. Not for you, not for me. Everything turned into routine and I hate Log in if you're already registered or take a look at the unread posts. Couldn't find what you looking for? Sasa Milosevic, MD answered this Being The Partner Of A Person With Bipolar Affective Disorder.

New Reply Follow New Topic Followed by 2 people. He is now working, looking to live by himself in time, medicated like i say. I have witnessed impulses, detachment and a low due to a bereavement. He has a tendency to be random about money and can have emotional shutdowns if he feels he has been rejected or told no for any reason. Failing these things he is a lovely guy. I need to look at living with him or entering into a relationship with him for the long haul or end it now. Iv told him we need to look at what our relationship will look like, the care i will need to provide tohim as well as parenting and how it will impact my life long term.

Kinky0909 dating takes his medication dating a medicated bipolar man and feels that what iv experienced within the year will never worsen. And I can tell you right now it can only get better. I have been with my partner for 7 months and experienced the highs and lows to a degree but she was medicated and it was dating a medicated bipolar man. As long as they know whats wrong with them and are being treated, they want to be treated and dating a medicated bipolar man that life with you.

I say move forward with him if you love him cause it will be worth it. As for me we got pregnant in January and she had to get off her medication and it has been hell ever since. The withdraw was herendous, she has changed into I completely different person and she knows it and she can't help it. We just broke up, we still talk, but in the course of one night she kicked me out and the dead beat father of the two kids decided to show up from california and she let him move in.

He know she was off her medication and saw that opening and took it. She wants to get back on the medication as soon as possible and this pregnancy is really hard on her. Its the stress and anxiety and its all because of that a hole coming back and turning her life into turmoil. I am just hoping once she gets back on her medication everything will get better they have to. So any words of advice or encouragement?

I was the hardest thing i had to do But the roller coaster we because the children are effected too more than we know were riding was going to crash. So i had to do the best thing for myself and the girls I have learned that no matter how much i love him and no matter what i do i can not fix him. I did not want to live my life not knowing How my day was going to be depending on what kind of mood he was in We can love them and pray for them but dont have to live in misery I spent two years trying to fix him, and lost myself and my happiness My advice to you is if you stay be ready for the ride.

As long as you know what you and the kids are in for hold on tight I will always love him and pray for him but I am not riding on the roller coaster any more. I know life has ups dating a medicated bipolar man downs but not only ups and downs He is a wonderful man, loving, giving, understanding, kind and a great father but the opposite is not what I want or need.

So I will continue to pray for him that he can find some stubality in his life for himself and his children And i will love him always but i don't have dating a medicated bipolar man live it any more God bless you both I hope this helped Guest over a year ago Thank u for responding. I say that but he has revealed an addiction i was unaware of which was present at the time we met. Amazingly i see him turning that around now. Free of the trappings of that and starting to look fit and healthy and alive again.

I witness the total obnoxiousness of bpd when he hits a low and the wrench emotionally on me when those few days occur. I have to say i am already quite vulnerable and dented and hence why i became very attached to him because of how he was able to nurture that and comfort me like no man ever will again. For that i love him and always will. I have made future plans which will not be possible to apply for a good few years and i continue to observe with a view that should the relationship become out of bounds i have these plans in place for me and the girls irreespective of a partner.

I do love him but wil make a decision over time. I myself am only just beginningto let him in emotionally anyway and the attachment is strong. But i have suffered far worse and if the relationship has folded as a result of his illness so be it. So i observe with interest and continue to oversee and if we fall apart he touched my life in a way noone else would. BPD for all its suffering and for all its ugly side reveals a beauty that cant be compared.

As with al of us thats the problem and it takes a great deal of strength to part out of time. It also takes a great deal of strength to stay with it overseeing the problems that can arise. Guest over a year ago In reply to jesus saves on - click to read. Guest over 4 months ago In reply to jesus saves on - click to read. Hey I really liked what you had to say about everything. And he is currently in rehab and has just been diagnosed with bipolar. So our relationship so far has been an insane horrible rollercoaster.

He will be released from rehab in a week and is now medicated and seems like a whole new person. I feel like I need to allow him to come home to help him through this And feel like there might be a chance for our family now. But I do not want anything to do with how things were and if this is still going to always be a battle I don't want a part of it.

So u believe ppl that are medicated for bipolar are still a rolercoaster? If Mass Killers Aren't Insane, What Makes Them Go On Killing Sprees? Overcoming Your Food Addiction.

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