Jehovah witness dating free

Jehovah witness dating free


Jehovah's Witnesses Dating Websites

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Clarity adult free dating amiture Help for Fellow Witnesses. But I do feel the current climate merits a discussion of this, for reasons you will see as we progress further in the discussion. The Awake article of April 22, page 18 says this:. This can leave you vulnerable to emotional devastation if the relationship does not work out—as is likely. Yes, it is unwise to make serious decisions based upon fantasy and emotion.

The proverb thus continues: However this is an enormous trend in society today and is only going to get larger and larger as we progress further into and beyond the information age of the 21st century. On the positive side of it, Science Daily jehovah witness dating free a study that said in part, this:. A new study of online dating jenovah members has found that when couples who had built up a significant relationship by e-mailing or chatting online met for the first time, 94 per cent went on to see each other frwe.

So it seems that being careful and keeping a cool head when putting jehovah witness dating free toes into Internet Matchmaking would be wise. The Watchtower used to say that vaccines were disgusting concoctions of pus and dead animal cells that were injected into you, but eventually over the course of several decades they had witnews their minds. So for now internet dating or even simply trying to meet a fellow Witness through an online service has been stigmatized among the friends to the point that it effectively has been banned…Or has it???

So what are all these Cating doing here? You can view all the screengrabs here. Another admitted he was disfellowshipped and is seeking reinstatement. Remember the story about the fellow standing on his roof while the floodwaters rise? So are all of these ones weak worldly Witnesses? They are in all probability who they say they are- Christian people looking for someone to share their lives with. I for one, wish them well. Wow Jehovah witness dating free, Nice research! That was an interesting topic that kinda surprised me.

This is probably pushing people away. I know it pushes me jehovah witness dating free when I see a freedom being taken away. I remember one magazine condemned jehovah witness dating free getting together for Bible studies on their own. Seems that some were researching the NWT on their own and other things.

What gives them the right to dictate rfee we can and cannot do? Oooops I forgot Jesus appointed them over all his domestics in When I was single I had an e-harmony profile and had dinner with 2 or 3 women. It was also a way to get to know them a little bit to see if an actual face to face was warrented. They do this all the time in their writing! This is not unique to internet dating this is a pitfall to dating period! All must gaurd against this.

Is this unique to internet dating? I think not, this is common to dating in general IMO. Just another attempt to control the sheep. Interesting subject, one that has plenty of room for debate no doubt. I have a friend that fell in love with a woman online, witnees three years correpsonding online, fell in love with her online actually, only to find out in the end that she was married and was unknown to him having a digital affair, caused him a lot of heart ache and money since he actually flew to her home state to meet her and got stood up.

This is a tough one to be certain. Quoting from a Golden Age?? I wonder what was in other non JW books, magazines, or newspapers from back then. It is interesting that out of all the Jehovah witness dating free publications this is the one that was chosen to quote from. Have you read any current magazines on vacinations. It contains totally diffrent viewpoints.

As their viewpoint changed on vaccination, it can change on online dating or on other issues as well. I feel as with the comment about vaccinations: Jehovah witness dating free is not up to us as individuals who are not part of the faithful and discreet slave class to decide if any advice or decision by jehovahs organization is sound. These brothers are appointed by Jehovah to give us our spiritual food and isntruction Jehovah witness dating free THE PROPER TIME…this means that details of prophecies or advice on the bible and the world may come though the society from jehovah at different times according to what jehovah feels is proper for that period in time and history.

This also means that as humans we are prone to human error and the bros are no different but jehovah does not allow and would not allow those brothers to deceive us by teaching us their own viewpoints rather than Jehovaah simply to control us or to cause us harm. Anyone brought up in the truth knows its not about control or abuse of power. That is a worldly apostate view of the truth. I myself have been a witness for over 20 yrs.

I have never been married and I am finding it extremely difficult to remain single. I dont want to and dont feel i can remain unmarried for the rest of my life and im finding dxting day a struggle to get through as I have no family etc in the truth and Ive been on my own 26 yrs. Jehovah never lets you down but a husband or wife in the world will. I LOVE MY GOD JEHOVAH he is my rock! Adding to my quote that was not spell checked jdhovah me before submission!.

I meant it is far better not to offend jehovah! Thanks for visiting the site and rree your experiences and observations. You seem very sincere and have a strong love for Jehovah and a desire to please Him. I hope in time you may meet a man who feels similarly, to share jehovah witness dating free life with! I was a baptised witness myself for over twenty years, and raised both my children there, despite having an unbelieving husband.

I had no doubts about the organisation for the first ten years or so, although I did find wltness very hard when I had young children. I felt more guilt than anything else because no matter how much I tried to do for Jehovah, it never seemed enough. I also discovered that there was a real problem in the organisation as far as caring for and jehovah witness dating free one another. I think this was because so much emphasis was put on the preaching activity.

There are many who are wonderful, caring and generous people. I left the organisation in June this year because of conflicts with my conscience. I know for you that seems unthinkable at the moment.

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