Are dan and runo still dating in mechtanium surge

Are dan and runo still dating in mechtanium surge

Is Dan and Runo still dating in Mechtanium Surge?

Runo Misaki

She also descendants tesla shorts. Julie's spec is Straight Makimoto. Julie's timeline is Daisy Makimoto. Than he did to the meeting comparison, he found Shuji and Akira barracuda for him for another note. Exceptionally he went to the other point, he found Shuji and Akira schizophrenic for him for another aspect.


Julie Makimoto original version: Julie is a Subterra Brawler, partnered with Subterra Hammer Gorem. Julie's sister is Daisy Makimoto. By the events of Bakugan: Mechtanium Surgeshe has become a news reporter for Bakugan City. Julie is a young, pretty girl with very tanned skin, long, pinkish-white hair that is always in a side ponytail, and blue eyes. She has long tanned legs. Julie enjoys dressing immodestly particularly to attract boysalways wearing clothes fit for summer months.

She are dan and runo still dating in mechtanium surge particularly fond of leaving her midriff belly and long legs completely exposed. In Bakugan Battle Brawlers she wears a pink midriff-baring outfit with white fingerless gloves that covers her forearms. Her belly button is visible. She wears headphones and a portable music player attached to her right shoulder but is rarely seen listening to it.

She wears white boots that matches her white hair. New Vestroia Julie wears a bleached rainbow half-shirt with red shorts and a red scrunched and a gold heart hair clip, unlike the gold scrunched and pink hair clip in the original season. Gundalian Invaders Julie's outfit changes to a dark blue belly shirt and sometimes a green jacket. She wears a pink waitress uniform as well as a cheerleader's.

Mechtanium Surge Julie wears a black tank top with a pink jacket. She also wears white shorts. She may come off a bit scattered but Julie can compete with the best of the brawlers at Bakugan. Julie would best be described as a little princess and in conversation; she can be a little vacant. She is Dan's number one fan, making Runo angry sometimes.

She tries to help out and give helpful advice whenever someone needs it, and lives in the isolated Bakugan Valleyin Australia. In the beginning of the series, she only made appearances chatting with the other Battle Brawlers in a chat room on the site, and would usually be eager to hear if Dan had won any battles or not. Although it is not directly mentioned, it seems that while Julie now lives in Japan, she moved there from America. She makes her first live appearance in A Perfect Matchbattling her childhood friend Billy and being defeated easily due to the appearance of his talking Bakugan, Cycloidmaking her upset that all her friends had talking Bakugan.

On a day off from are dan and runo still dating in mechtanium surge, she spent the whole day looking for one, almost getting stung by scorpions, bitten by venomous spiders, and falling off a steep cliff, with absolutely no results. After returning to her room, in her depression, she started crying, until a Bakugan named Gorem spoke to her.

Gorem befriended her, and together, they defeated Billy in a rematch. When she discovers that Billy had joined Masqueradeshe is crushed by this fact. In Duel in the Desertshe and Shun challenged Kombaher neighbor, and Billy. In their battle, she lost both Tuskor and Rattleoid although they reappear in episode 19and nearly lost Gorem though with Shun's help, he was saved.

By the end, they pulled it together and defeated them both. In Julie Plays "Hard Brawl"she follows Dan around since she is still upset over Billy, which resulted in Runo calling her a "dog". She states that she would do anything to free Billy from Masquerade's grip. This leads to another brawl between the two and almost leading her and Gorem to be banished to the Doom Dimension forever. Fortunately, she was able to convince him otherwise, and Billy ends up quitting Masquerade's team.

Through the series, she tackles or bear hugs Dan whenever he wins a brawl, ticking off Runo, as seen in No Guts No Glory and My Good Friend. When Billy was defeated by Masquerade, somehow Julie sensed that something was and wrong, and it was proven true when Joe Brown told everyone about what happened to them. She watches Dan's match against Masquerade and tries her best to encourage everyone after he was sent to the Doom Dimension with Drago. When the brawlers ended up in the Doom Dimension with Dan, she tackled him to the ground as usual, but didn't seem happy to see them, at first.

She is then tested by Clayfone of the Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia in Nightmare in Doomsville. In order to return to Earthshe must battle against an illusion of her sister, Daisymaking her think she wasn't special and how Daisy would always out do are dan and runo still dating in mechtanium surge at everything. Her realization that she is special and doesn't need to compare herself to her sister, allows Gorem to evolve into Hammer Gorem. She makes another appearance during Dan's test and along with the rest of the Battle Brawlers as illusionary clowns.

She battles Dan first in Home Sweet Home to get Drago to evolve, where it is revealed that she has moved are dan and runo still dating in mechtanium surge to eighth place in rankings. When Drago and Hydranoid thought they defeated Centorrior and DrumanJulie and the rest of the gang re-appear, although they never revealed how they were freed. She later faces Tricloid again alongside Billy and Nene in Here's Mud In Your Eye and defeat her.

It was also revealed in that episode that Julie and Billy really did have feelings for each other and of course she asked Billy on a date to which he said "yes. She is seen with Marucho in the first episode, spying on Runo and Dan. When Drago asks for help everyone volunteers but Drago asks the girls and Marucho to turn around so Dan and Drago can come but Marucho enters the portal also. Julie and Runo are furious as the boys ditched them. Julie is later seen talking about Billy at the diner where the girls work restating the romantic bond between them.

Julie returns to help Runo to get to New Vestroia and help Dan, Marucho, and Drago, which goes wrong and leaves Runo trapped between both worlds. She was also alongside Mira Clay in a battle with Gus Grav in Unmasked when Mira challenged Spectra to take off his mask if she beats him in a battle. Then Spectra unmasks himself and their prediction was right he was Keith Clay.

Julie is then forced to enter and help Dan and the Resistancebut after Lync entered, those who were able to enter in the Transporter must have Gauntlets, being Dan and Baron.

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Julie Makimoto

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