What are your opinions experiences with online dating

What are your opinions experiences with online dating

What are your opinions/experiences with online dating?

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Nov 29, 1. Nov 30, 2. It's good for hookups but there's a lot of crazies out there. I haven't tried actual dating sites so those may be different. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. PlayerNov 30, Dec 1, 3. I used to laugh what are your opinions experiences with online dating it but my brother did it and what are your opinions experiences with online dating just got engaged. I think a lot of the time it is people who have trouble dating or maybe have been screwed over by guys or girls in the past.

It matches you with people who are into the same things as you and to be honest I have considered doing it myself. CornwallaceJacksonDec 1, Mar 8, Messages: Dec 11, 4. There are a ton more men on online dating so women have a better selection. Keep in mind though, it's going to suck at times. You will send a ton of well constructed messages and not get any responses.

It may kill your self-esteem at times. Just keep into it and I've dating svatovo women and single beautiful ukraine brides or a decent date or two. Unfortunately, they just never work out. I'm thinking about stopping though because I'm moving soon. Dec 11, 5. I don't know if I'm quite to the point of online dating yet: Dec 12, Messages: Dec 12, 6. Had some crazies, guys just looking to get their dick wet, and I made a few good friends. I had a male friend who met his fiance through it.

I think it can work depending on you and the people you choose to meet. Be safe as possible there are definitely some wackos out there. AeroangelDec 12, Hal-sephira and Hydrolynx like this. Dec 13, 7. My friend invited me to a "teenager dating site" years ago and I still use it mostly to get a laugh out of stupid people and maybe make some friends.

I could hook up with some sluts, but I would really rather not. I expect better quality in an actual adult dating site. Dec 13, 8. I've never used a dating site, but I did meet my ex on here. We were together for a little over two years and we're still friends to this day. DarkBloodDec 13, Dec 14, 9. The thing that's big right now, at least with my friends, is an iphone app called Tinder. You click thumbs up or down on girls pics and if they also gave you a thumbs up you can instant message them.

My one buddy just went on a second date tonight with a girl he met on there. Dec 14, Most of my past ones were net through online. It's a love or hate thing. Some can be contradicting what are your opinions experiences with online dating putting up a smoke screen. One said she loves meeting new people and friends, when I sent a friendly intro and it was read, but never replied.

And no one likes long messages. It's difficult for humor sometimes because there's no voice tone, facial expression or body language. And no one wants to meet right away. How patient are you? Sent from my SGH-T using Tapatalk. DaytonaownerDec 14, Nov 10, Messages: I'm just curious to see. It seems a lot of us spend quite a bit of time on forums and the internet anyway, it would make sense that many of you might have tried your hand at online dating as well.

It would also be awesome to get some different perspectives from men AND women, mostly because, as in real dating, I what are your opinions experiences with online dating online dating to be heavily favorable to women. Please feel free to share and mention if you would try it again! Last edited by notprogressDec 14, Dec 6, Messages: Dec 15, It's a thing you just have to try out.

I was in a long distance relationship for 3 years I met her online, and we would constantly talk to each other. Some people find it funny and crazy. TheBananaKillerDec 15, I am on adultfriendfinder, had a couple successful dates. And a few hideously bad ones as well. Once you sort out the whores and attention seeking false profiles, the real fun begins. Chicks with no pics are a tricky thing indeed. It's nice to date a girl who really knows what she is up to.

FrannymanDec 15, Dec 17, I haven't been on any for about 4 what are your opinions experiences with online dating now, but being recently single I signed up again just for the hell of it. The key here is to NOT take it seriously unless you have pretty low standards, have rough luck dating in person and this is your last resort The problems with people on online dating sites are: They are usually crazy in some sort of way 2. They have really weird quirks that make them abnormal to the dating scene 3.

They are whores 6. Completely generic and uninteresting personalities Can't live with out air, water, food, etc. Come on be original! These are pretty big stereotypes, but this truly encompasses a large portion of online dating users. Because of this, they can afford to be VERY choosy with whom they reply to. It becomes very difficult to snag anyone remotely interesting and not crazy. I'm not trying to be cynical about it, but I'm just realistic about the types of people that generally populate these sites.

Last edited by that1guy64Dec 18, Hal-sephiraSideShowMel and Hydrolynx like this. I live in New York and date females. They are all crazy. It's just the level of what are your opinions experiences with online dating I've had some successful dates, some that didn't go off so well. Its no big deal though, I always went into them thinking it was a good opportunity for some fun, no matter what happened.

What are your worst dating experiences?


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