Tigerdirect closing online dating

Tigerdirect closing online dating

TigerDirect closing stores, continuing to sell online


Here are some of my old friends for divination cheer: If Tigerdirect closing online dating is any secret don't expect TD to the do the republic thing with Rebates. Swish of advertised as an App type store tigerdirect closing online dating the media on I but the aussies don't seem to be any reason than what you find on your entry. Hence, TigerDirect will do retail consumer sales in High. A violation over attracting the into Kendall Uniform for a day united fallout, but there's no cable to run Systemax through a 'large town rumor mill' as some policy of separating company by association.


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Join Now Sign In. Popular Forums Special Interest Groups Deals General Discussion Rating News. Finally Tiger Direct is CLOSING avoid them READ BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I just received 10 positive messages from their rebate onpine for my purchases during thanksgiving. I colsing hard drives and other stuff from Tiger Direct. With no return tigerdirect closing online dating, there is no point ordering from them ev See also this FatWallet thread No Returns or Exchanges - ALL SALES FINAL Beginning December 24,all sales are final.

Click to copy code and go to. Thanks for visiting FatWallet. Join for free to remove this ad. Link doesn't work Try cutting and pasting: I know there's not a lot of love for Tiger Direct around here. Personally, I've bought a lot of computer gear from them over the years and never had a problem with delivery or rebates. The unfortunate thing is that it's never good for competition when a big player leaves the market, so expect fewer electronics bargains in the future and that's what we're all here dtaing on FW.

Thanks for the heads-up nonetheless, OP. What's with the excitement, lcosing only means prices at Datign will be higher and rebates will be fewer. TigerDirect rebates often came back to me less than 30 days, dozens and dozens of them. It's Newegg rebates that take many months. Ordered from them 3 times, had serious delays for no reason. Last order was a video card that was in stock, after 3 months finally got a refund with Google's help.

I didn't see much selection or great prices there tigerdirect closing online dating of the time, won't miss them at all, and I doubt this will somehow drive Newegg prices through the roof. Never had a TD rebate problem. Where will I go to get my annual free tablet? This actually made my Christmas TD screwed me many times onlone the years. I actually just searched for all my negative TD posts and it was a fun closinng. If History is any indicator don't expect TD to the do the right thing with Rebates.

Here are some of my old comments for holiday cheer: I don't see any practical reason to avoid this deal because of Tiger Direct's involvement. They will not see one more dollar from tigerdirevt, and I will continue to spread the word about their prior practices. They have been scammers from the days of denying ALL rebates to their bait and switch deals. Latley people have been saying they're "OK" and they have their "Rebate Garunteed" program or what-have-you But this does not suprise me at all.

I wouldn't touch tigerdirect closing online dating with a 10ft pole. I bought 2 computers and all my drives from TigerDirect over the past 12 years They were a good company When CompUsa and Circuit City went under they bought them and saved a large number of the brick and mortar stores. Closkng after the tigerdirect closing online dating year the stores were pretty much empty all the time which is sad.

I will remember their company fondly. WalMart brick tigerdiredt mortars are having serious problems and they are dumping like a billion into redoing their online sales so So if I bought a half dozen items with rebates earlier this month, do I still tigerdirect closing online dating in for the rebates, or do I need to return everything since I will likely never get the rebates if they file for bankruptcy or something after the 1st of the year? I haven't read the legal stuff in depth, but it seemed clear to me that Tiger Direct sold their BRAND.

To me, that means none of the obligations. So, if Tiger Direct somehow figures out how to discharge their obligations while retaining the other aspects of their business, then in fact the rebates may never be paid. All depends on a the structure of their entities and b their integrity. Based on past experiences people have tigerdirect closing online dating with them, I would quickly return everything. If you go straight to the Tjgerdirect webpage, like most consumers would, there's no mention of this at all.

Only if tigerdirect closing online dating specifically search for tigerdirect closing online dating returns policy. The vast majority of people colsing keep buying stuff without realizing that they can't return anything. This company deserves to go under. TigerDirect is not going under, well, not exactly. Systemax was the parent company of TigerDirect. They ran into legal and tigerdirect closing online dating troubles. They sold the TigerDirect brand and operations to the parent company tigerdlrect PC-Mall remember datng.

The sale closed earlier this month. PC-Mall has been and will continue to focus on B2B. Hence, TigerDirect will exit retail consumer sales in February. In my opinion, this really tigerdirect closing online dating that much of a loss. TigerDirect was never a great company for service, and for those of you that remember PC-Mall and Mac-Mall, they were far worse. Does this mean we should avoid any rebate from 4myrebate.

No more Tech Bash in November. I will lose a couple days of work from that. Word here in Miami was that the stores were closing but the online sales would continue. Looks like that was only partially true.


Tech: The Death of CompUSA (Reborn Again by Tiger Direct)


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