Funny pick up lines to end your dating dry spell

Funny pick up lines to end your dating dry spell

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I first stepped into the bar scene with the specific intent of picking up a girl in September With a vodka lime in hand, I looked around at all the sexy ladies, savouring the social dynamics of the bar and the determination in my groin to take a woman home that night. It would be the beginning of one of the most significant journeys of my life, almost on par with my struggle to quit pornography.

That could be pre-gaming with buddies who know how to pick up womenor just listening to music that pumps me up. The point of being social is to arrive at the bar in a social mood, ready to conquer. Phone numbers from bars are practically useless. Getting phone numbers in a bar might work for your earlier in your bar adventures as you try to gain confidence, but I highly recommend only getting phone numbers when you are certain the number will lead to sex that night. Your mindset when you walk into a bar is extremely important.

Popping the cherry means, talking to women or groups the minute you walk into the bar. Step up and talk to her. This officially takes the virginity of the night and your are more likely to talk to girls all night long. This leads us to…. First off, never stand by the dance floor with the rest of the herd. Guys seem to think that a woman will make eye contact with them and invite them to the dance floor.

Secondly, never stand near the entrance of the bar. A hot blonde walks into the bar with her friend 15 minutes before closing time. It was one of those nights where nothing funny pick up lines to end your dating dry spell hooking and I had basically burned through girls. Guess where he was standing? By the the ladies bathroom. Plant yourself wherever funny pick up lines to end your dating dry spell traffic is highest and increase your probability of meeting women.

Going to a bar and not approaching is unacceptable. If your goal is to eventually get girls home from bars, you must talk to at least 3 women each night you go out. My best opening lines have been the ones I spat out when I approached an attractive woman and my mind went blank. At that point, whatever came out was spontaneous, genuine and true. Those are the best lines. Alternatively, you can use direct lines like:.

Most guys that go to bars are absolutely unaware of multiple openings for them to approach and even more oblivious to women who are obvious targets. When I go to bars there are two types of women I look for mainly. The first are women who are doing shots and the second are women who are looking around. Women doing shots are only doing it for one reason; they want to get uninhibited as soon as possible because its a special night.

Women who have their head on swivel are the second types of women I keep my eyes peeled for. Women in bars are usually in groups. Funny pick up lines to end your dating dry spell might be interested in hooking up, but thanks to most guys lacking the courage to approach, a lot of women get impatient and begin to search for guys to make eye contact with to expedite the hooking up process. Make solid eye contact and approach, knowing that the chances of making a connection with this girl are very high.

So many guys walk around the bar without realizing that there are women who are specifically interested in your physical appearance. She may be attracted to your race, your looks, your hairstyle or your body type. Always make an effort to arrive at a bar or nightclub as early as possible. If the bar opens at 9PM, try and be there at Arriving early at the club allows you to avoid the lines and gives you access to the women who already are at the club without the barrier of competition.

The rule of thumb is: When in the club, realize that you have a specific purpose — to get laid. As time goes on, the bar will fill up with men. Drunk men fueled by liquid courage who will become your competition. Most women would have paired off with the guy who they will be having sex with that night and the rest will be most likely unattractive or no planning on leaving with anyone. If logistics pan out, I usually spend the rest of the night with her and leave with her at the end of the night.

Find a woman who is ready to go, and whose logistics pan out, then stick with her till the end end of the night or till you can leave the club with her. As I stated earlier, mindset is key. Ever been at the bar with your group of guys, swapping stories and having a good time ignoring girls and suddenly realize that there are a suddenly a bunch of women close to you?

Be fun and loud at the bar. Women gravitate towards men who seem to be having a great time, they want to be a part of it. Those who want to be approached will give openings to guys and they are more likely to make openings available to men who are having a great time. Sure, you will get rejected, but that should not stop you from smiling, laughing when possible, and having a great time.

If you are at a bar alone, most guys you will meet at a bar are not going to be good wingmen. I might talk to a group of guys a or a guy to keep myself in a social funny pick up lines to end your dating dry spell, but I will rarely introduce myself to a guy unless he is part of a group that includes a woman I am trying to get that night. Chances are the guy will end up cockblocking you which means stopping you from getting laid for some reason or the other.

Usually jealousy, or a bad habit of cockblocking. Stick with guys in your group or go alone and try to avoid winging with other guys. Go to her place immediately. One of the first lessons I learnt in my early bar days was to avoid wandering all over the bar. You social value decreases when you are observed meandering around alone or with your pack of guys. Your best bet is to not drink, but if you do, drink till you are slightly buzzed, then switch to water. A good buzz loosens up your inhibitions and helps you have a good time.

Getting drunk also lowers your inhibitions to the point that you might do something you might really regret, like watch porn or masturbate. One of the ways to differentiate yourself from other guys in a bar is to always be touching women you meet at a bar as soon as possible while escalating to the point of leaving the bar.

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