Bible study topics for dating couples

Bible study topics for dating couples

4 Good Bible Study Topics For Couples

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The Bible says in 2 Peter 1: It is good for dating couples to spend time reading the Bible together, but just as there are physical boundaries in dating, there necessarily are spiritual boundaries too. Doing anything alone e. Your fleshly nature will be tempted to become physically intimate if you make the conditions right and lock yourselves away from others. I can still remember talking on the phone late into the night and those conversations in the darkness were often more open and heavy.

I probably told a lot of secrets about myself during those hours that would have been better left unsaid. The darkness seems to loosen our tongues and resolve. Reading the Bible together over the phone in the dim light of your rooms changes the bible study topics for dating couples. Certain parts of the Bible are steamy. Take a few minutes and read through Song of Solomon.

This is one erotic book! In fact, Jewish boys were not allowed to read it until they came of age. I read somewhere that they had to be thirty before they could read it! Couples devotionals should also be saved until engagement. Such devotionals are meant to bring a couple close together spiritually. Bible studies for dating couples — those that concentrate on getting to know each other, preparing for marriage, and topics that are important to couples in the dating stage of their relationship — are okay.

If one or both of you begin to feel like the topics covered are too intimate for your relationship at its current point, hold off on that area of study and bring it back out when you have both decided to get engaged or married, depending on the topic. After all, if you marry this person you bible study topics for dating couples be either following ladies or leading gentlemen bible study topics for dating couples person spiritually Ephesians 5: Studying the Bible together is wonderful, just be sure to keep the study in public, preferably during the day, and study with him or her just the way you would with any other friend.

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