Detailsview itemupdating woes

Detailsview itemupdating woes

DetailsView ItemUpdating woes...

DetailsView Update Event Not Firing through DataSource

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Last post Dec 09, detailsview itemupdating woes Oct 25, What I want to do is sooo simple: I have a single DV on a page 2. I created detailsview itemupdating woes own template see below 3. I created the DetailsViewDataBinging sub which populates the field using a datatable 4. I created a ModeChanging Event handler to allow me to change the mode into EDIT mode 5. I created a ItemUpdating mode to handle the item update. No matter what I do or what I put in, the e. Whan I do a count I see 0 everytime.

Non of my fields are Template fields and they are all databound. Everything works with any issues, just no data is ever returned. I hope these shed some light: ModeChanging ' When the form mode changes we handle how the form loads and what it looks like here Select Case e. NewMode 'Put into edit mode and databind Case DetailsViewMode. Edit 'BindDetailsView 'Put into insert mode Case DetailsViewMode.

Insert 'put into read only mode and databind Case DetailsViewMode. Count End Sub What Else am I missing here? This is driving me batty as I cannotdo anything with my data. All I want to do is intercept the NewValues and put them in my custom data solution. My custom data routine that Detailsview itemupdating woes was using to bind data to my DetailsView was comming from the active directory. Detailsview itemupdating woes had created all of the databindings and everything was working very well.

But I could not delete or update any data as it would tell me there were no fields upon the post back in the ItemDeleting or ItemUpdating event handlers. As an experiment I have created an ODS ObjectDataSource that has custome select and custom UPdate routines. I create a USER and Detailsview itemupdating woes class and populated them with their corresponding attributes. I was then able to go back to my test page and drop an ODS connector on there and attach to the custom select and update routines.

I bound that to the DetailsView and low and behold it works! It now returns the correct number of fields. Why is it when I use my own DataBinding routines which bind to the data just fine in a code behind page that I have issues when it comes to the ItemDelting or ItemUpdating routines? I hate the idea with beign stuck with an ODS as its less efficient now I have to make 2 calls to detailsview itemupdating woes active directory to accomplish the same thing I was able to do with a single call and some rather complex logic like adding and subtracting email address aliases to exchange.

While an ODS may be nice for detailsview itemupdating woes afraid of code, I prefer to do my complex operations the old school way in the code behind page. Nov 10, Good to see I qam not the only one or crazy LOL. I did fix my issue using a custom ODS. My application takes a user in the database and casts the name against Active Directory through my ODS. I fill all AD attributes into either a User, EmailUser, or Contacts Class that has very specific attributes.

I was detailsview itemupdating woes able to do a simple databinding to detailsview itemupdating woes DetailsView that detailsview itemupdating woes codeless really helped chop down the lines and when the ItemBinding is beign called I download each row and go through the controls I wish to find to manipulate how they work. I have even sought after textboxes and turned them into dropdown boxes with all on the fly AJAX code beign inserted as the page renders.

While I still feel it dumb that I cannot just use the DetailsView and manually fill it then access its ItemDeleting or ItemChanging methods without some sort of pre-runtime databinding ODS or SQL. Now if you dont need to change or delete anything, well you can pretty much do your own viewing databinging as long as you dont need a lot of state events on the back end. Mind you I am going against the grain as usual and connecting to datasources that are Open LDAP, Active Dircectory, eDirectory and Oracle datasources.

So not a lot of native support for those items. Thats why I am now in Love with the ODS as it allows me to make my own SELECT, DELETE, and UPDATE statements in a custom class. This makes my routines into these custom direcftories portable to any application in the future. Dec 09, It's allowed me to interact with a lot of the control without having to add an ODS. I just started, but I think it will end up allowing me to update the values through the event rather than having to create a separate object for it all I want to do is detailsview itemupdating woes the results to a dataset.

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datagridcontrol, DetailsView cell value empty in ItemUpdating


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