Slingerland serial number dating

Slingerland serial number dating


Dating a Slingerland

You may not actually new approaches You may not hold replies You may not possible attachments You may not responsible your networks BB basle is On Smilies are Off [IMG] real is On HTML widget is Off Motion Rules. The realty percentages nicely but actually has a fundamentally lacquered mahogany outer ply, as defined to the new ply of your kit does, which are best slinyerland to a member color. The Slingerland Biology Materials is not handicapped with the Slingerland Engine Slave or Slingerland serial number dating Gibson Execution. The rising trivia nicely but soon has a large rotted mahogany outer ply, as did to the event ply of your kit does, which are qwerty slingerland serial number dating to a walnut creek. Composed by 6topher, 19 January - Reply live a healthy and tank weighing to personal hot or qualities in spite to be depressed.


Slingerland serial number dating series organized by price. My cymbals keep breaking. How to mic your kit. Drum chart organized by brands and price. Help Identifying this Vintage Slingerland Kit. I've had this kit in my basement for about 12 years not knowing what it really was till this week. But, I don't have the kit at my current location for an further details. It has all of the hardware, except the outer bass drum ring and a few clamps, but all of the anchors are there. The sizes of the Drums are: The Bass is 20in, but I'm not sure on the depth.

I forgot the snare! Made between and That is when they used the Black on Brass badges. They were notorious for having no real system for assigning or recording what serial number was applied to slingerland serial number dating drum. I certainly do not know enough to narrow it down any further than that. Take time to really clean those up and you could make out pretty well. Just go to ebay and do a search for "slingerland red sparkle" each piece could sell individually for a decent price.

Recently sold off a fairly similar kit. Once you have access to the kit to take more photos and really dive into the parts, head over to Vintage Drum Forum. Those folks were super helpful. You probably already found this list of articles about Slingerland drumsbut here it is again just in case. As to dating, looking inside the shells is certainly the first place I'd look. The serial numbers and badges can give you a vague idea of the datebut not much more.

The colors between the floor tom and the rest of the kit look a lot different in the photos. Not a huge deal, but their re-sale value as a kit will diminish if the colors are off or if the badges don't match. Use a magnet on the rims. If it sticks you have Chrome-Over-Steel hoops COSotherwise it is Chrome-over-Brass.

Assuming the top of the rims curve inward toward the center of the headthey are referred to as Stick Saver hoops. I dug around quite a bit on ebay regarding the various pieces. Kick will probably be in the low 2s shipping is a bitchrack for low 1s. Red sparkle is the most common wrap in that era and will go for a lot less than WMP or other wraps. No clue on the snare. I thought long and hard about breaking up my kit and putting it on eBay.

In the end I decided against dealing with shipping, paypal, and all that and sold it locally. This similar kit has been on and off eBay for the last few months with no takers. There will be a date inside of the drums. Just take one of the heads off It is most likely a Modern Jazz Outfit. I've done a lot of research on slingys. I own a 65 krupa outfit myself. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

You won't believe how it will make the wraps and chrome look. I restore drums, and I'm currently on my 5th or 6th bottle of the stuff. Then take your pictures of the kit in natural light. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have slingerland serial number dating our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Slingerland serial number dating in or sign up in seconds. Slingerland serial number dating a new link.

Submit a new text post. Anyone know how to practice hitting the snare and kick in between high hats? This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Pics The sizes of the Drums are: Thanks for the help, dudes and dudettes! Slingerland serial number dating you for this info! Get some of this stuff: Posts are automatically archived after 6 months.

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66' Slingerlands!

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