Bloody sunday paul greengrass online dating

Bloody sunday paul greengrass online dating

Shocking depictions that do nothing to help 30-year search for the truth

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We no longer check to see whether Telegraph. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE bloody sunday paul greengrass online dating using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Wednesday 07 June UK News feed. ULSTER must have its inflammatory anniversaries, it seems, and film-makers such as Jimmy McGovern and Paul Greengrass are determined that we should all share in them.

They have made two very similar, equally shocking films about Bloody Sunday in Londonderry 30 years ago, showing British paratroopers killing 13 unarmed civilians and wounding 13 more. These films will jolt you. Soldiers slaughter innocent people, shoot a man with his hands up and finish off wounded men on the ground. They shoot a nurse in uniform, calling to her: They stalk through concrete alleyways, firing at anyone who moves. They fire from the hip into a fleeing crowd that includes women and a priest and they murder a man waving a white handkerchief.

They can't wait to kill, psyching each other up, using private stocks of ammunition and getting their stories straight later. Many of the ugliest scenes are based on the sworn testimony of Londonderry residents, either to Lord Widgery's inquiry in or to Lord Saville's new tribunal. McGuinness breaks silence but refuses bloody sunday paul greengrass online dating tell it all. Inquiry 'put lives at risk'. Ch4 drama omits McGuinness. Bloody Sunday evidence ruling.

Judges back Bloody Sunday soldiers. Bloody Sunday actor 'is wrong'. Scores of witnesses have described the shootings as these two films portray them. They may or may not be telling the truth, but the key facts of Bloody Sunday are not going to go away. Soldiers, taking no casualties themselves, shot 26 civilians, killing half of them. No guns were found. An Army claim to have found four nail bombs in the pockets of one of the dead, after soldiers found him in a car on his way to hospital, has always been open to doubt.

The commander of Northern Ireland Land Forces, Maj-Gen Robert Ford, cheered on the Paras as they went in and, after they withdrew, told the press that he thought only three people had been killed. Facts such as these cannot make a pro-British film. We will no doubt be faced with them again and again as the 40th and 50th anniversaries come around. The Bloody Sunday wound will never heal while films like these are made, while the Saville tribunal drags on and while republicans can claim that justice has been denied.

The Bernadette Devlin character closes the Greengrass film saying: Everything comes down to deciding whether particular soldiers were justified in firing particular shots, to determining what was in the mind of a soldier when he pulled the trigger. Evidence, if it exists at all, is already disputed and murky and grows less reliable as memories erode.

The kind of justice demanded bloody sunday paul greengrass online dating these films is, I would say, unobtainable. Tony Blair would have done more for the Roman Catholics of the Bogside and Creggan if, instead of ordering a bloody sunday paul greengrass online dating inquiry, he had built them a hospital or a school. He could have had Martin McGuinness, Ulster's education minister and former IRA commander in Londonderry, perform the opening ceremony.

I prefer the American plea of nolo contendere, which effectively means "I don't admit wrongdoing but I promise not to do it again". Perhaps something like that is the best resolution anyone can hope for. Keeping year-old wounds gaping serves no one but the IRA who, as the Greengrass film correctly notes, had their biggest victory that day. McGovern's Sunday, made for Channel Four, is the more nuanced of the films, with powerful women trying to keep their men out of the IRA.

But his is also the more violent and will probably be even more offensive to a British audience than Greengrass's Bloody Sunday, for ITV1 and cinemas, which has already been condemned by some as viciously anti-British. In fact, Greengrass seems to accept that Army officers planned only to "scoop up" stone-throwers and rioters in a swift arrest operation, while their men had other ideas.

He shows officers desperately ordering a fruitless search for civilian weapons to justify the shootings. Neither film gives any credence to individual soldiers' accounts of being attacked by gunmen and nail-bombers. No soldier is known to have been wounded on the day, except for one who apparently shot himself in the foot. The Paras' version of events, such as one of bloody sunday paul greengrass online dating soldiers telling Widgery that he fired 18 shots at a bathroom window, are frankly ridiculed.

Both films have bloodthirsty Paras gloating about people they killed and egging each other on to lie about how many rounds they fired and why. McGovern has Paras celebrating in a bar back in barracks that night. When a priest appears on television to condemn the shootings, one of the soldiers jeers at the screen: In both films, Ted Free daily devotions for dating couples Government is pressing for tougher Army action to deal with rioters in the "no-go" areas of the Bogside and Creggan.

This pressure is passed to local brigade commanders by Gen Ford, who tells them: McGovern's film has the Prime Minister leaning heavily on a compliant Lord Chief Justice with warnings about the need to fight a propaganda war. This, of course, is guesswork. In the end, Lord Widgery believed the paratroopers but could find nothing more than "very strong suspicions" that some of the dead had been handling bombs or guns. Both films show the Paras seeking vengeance for soldiers killed by the IRA, regardless of what their officers may have intended.

Greengrass depicts the 1 Para CO, Lt Col Derek Wilford, as eager to show what his men can do, while talking all the time about "scooping up" rioters and ordering them to fire only if fired upon. It is not clear who fires first in the Greengrass film. The soldiers seem to think they have been shot at and the next thing we see is two civilians lying on the ground. McGovern's "dramatised reconstruction" has over-excited Paras firing from rooftops at the crowd.

In fact, McGovern seems to give two different versions of the Army shootings. One, bloody enough, is more consistent with what the soldiers told Widgery; the other far more sinister and horrifying - apparently based on accounts since attributed to a soldier who took part.

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