Derek jeter dating diamond

Derek jeter dating diamond

Dating Diamond

Just How Accurate Is SportsNation’s Derek Jeter Dating Diamond?

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Ryan Gosling, Ray J, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt challenge The Captain for the most famous dating history. Last year "SportsNation" featured a graphic of Derek jeter dating diamond Jeter's Dating Diamond. It was truly inspired, both the list and concept, which is why we remembered it again while watching Jeter's impressive performance last night in his final All-Star Game.

Here's a look at Derek Jeter's dating diamond. This morning we began wondering if other celebrities have dating diamonds that can rival The Captain's. Do they even have 10 notable names on their lists to fill a starting roster? We racked our brains. Did some crackpot research. And derek jeter dating diamond up with five famous guys who have equally famous romantic histories: Leonardo DiCaprioBrad PittJustin TimberlakeRay J and Ryan Gosling. Keep an eye out for a few girls who would have played on multiple teams.

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Derek Jeter's Biggest Scores


Hannah Davis on Derek Jeter's Wedding Proposal: 'I Didn't See That One Coming'

Pics: Derek Jeter's 'dating diamond' will make you wish you were a millionaire baseball player

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