Dating websites response rate

Dating websites response rate

Why Online Dating Response Rates Have Decreased

One Chart That Shows How Women Are At A Huge Advantage When It Comes To Online Dating

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I have had an account on OK Cupid for a while. The very first girl I met from the site she messaged me first I went home with on the first date. And my experience just went down hill from there. I have been keeping track of my stats on the site for a while. Online dating websites response rate is all about efficiency as I have written. Unlike real dating websites response rate cold approaching which helps cultivate risk-taking, confidence, positive energy, conversation skills and many other good traits, online dating really serves no purpose other than just generating dates.

Messaging women and having online chats has no other redeeming value unto itself. So a sharp, cold analysis of its efficiency is needed. Another glimmer of hope is that different profiles get different response rates. So changing the text and content of your profile can potentially improve your results in a big way. The chart below tracks my total cumulative response rate over time excluding the first 70 or so attempts when I was not keeping track of this data.

This chart shows something very interesting: This is through many different versions of the profile. Almost like a law of nature. Why was the reply rate so high near the beginning? It might be the small number of attempts to that point. More analysis in the next post. I never actually took note of my stats on POF or any other dating site. Well actually I did, and that was the rate of inbox reciprocity which was stellar.

Quick question, I advise guys that they should be proactive and message the girls they want. To just wait and expect girls to just message you is a lost cause although you had this happen to you. I think in terms of the girls emailing me first, there has only been maybe 5 or 6, including that first girl I mentioned. But men on dating sites are under impression that women will open them i. And I wanna believe those were spam messages from women.

Excellent website you have here but I was curious if you knew of any message boards that cover the same topics discussed here? If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Online dating is futile for vast majority of men. I examined the online mating dynamic on these posts:. Why she won't have sex with you. How to get laid fast: Avoid boring conversations with women. How can introverts meet lots of women? Do good-looking guys dating websites response rate more women?

The 3 main types of guys and the average guy's sex life. Want choice with women? Everybody has to work for it. How to talk to women if you are quiet. How to get laid without being an asshole. How to pickup tourist girls. Can you respect women and still have sex with them? The Introvert Approach free ebook. Menu Ebooks Say it With Seduction: Sexual Conversation Introverted Seduction What Do I Say to Her?

The Introvert Approach Start Meeting Women Now 1: My online dating experience by the numbers January 27, July 20, by Justin. So here are my numbers. As of this writing, I have messaged a total of women. I have gotten 76 responses in return, for a total reply rate of 9. The least successful among those that got any repliesyielded about 3. There are many ways to interpret this data, few of them positive. Factors That Affect Your Results How OK Cupid works: Facebook Twitter Google More Email Tumblr Reddit.

Factors That Affect Your Results. January 28, at 3: January 28, at 6: We have to always assume the responsibility to approach is on the man, online or offline. February 10, at 3: February 10, at 4: Eric Disco maintains a great forum on approaching and dating at ApproachAnxiety. February 10, at 9: February 10, at 1: Female Mating Finding a lover article on dating relationships THE HUMAN MATING.

March 22, at I examined the online mating dynamic dating websites response rate these posts: Why she won't have sex with you Dating websites response rate to get laid fast: The 3 main types of guys and the average guy's sex life Want choice with women? Everybody has to work for dating websites response rate 10 places for introverts to meet women How to talk to women if you are quiet Simple game framework How to get laid without being an asshole How to pickup tourist girls Can you respect women and still have sex with them?

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My online dating experience by the numbers

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