Great moments in advertising 1930s dating advice for women

Great moments in advertising 1930s dating advice for women

Great Moments in Advertising: The Baseball Man’s Cigarette

1930s Dating Tips for Women

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Even women who identified themselves as feminists found themselves caught in contradictory impulses. And in these ads they maintained that beautifying and achievement need not be mutually exclusive: But this was a subtle and difficult argument to make, easily submerged in the celebration of female beauty as an end in itself.

Even with a background in feminism and reform, many women found themselves actively reinforcing conventional notions of gender difference. Walter Thompson News Bulletin no. Carl Naether, Advertising to Women New York: Prentice-Hall, Nancy Stephenson interview, Sidney Bernstein Papers, J. Dorothy Dignam, "Notes on the Founding," 4, Advertising Women of New York, Inc.

Papers, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. Toilet Requisites 7 August Agnes Court interview, JWT History-Women; Sam Meek quotation, Ruth Waldo file, Sidney Great moments in advertising 1930s dating advice for women Papers, JWT. Ruth Waldo, "Business biography and some personal description," Sidney Bernstein Papers, JWT. Walter Thompson Company News-Letter 13 May Crank to Madame C. Walker, 5 JuneOrders, Madame C. Walker Collection, Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Advice for women in the 1930s: ‘Nothing destroys the happiness of married life more than the lazy, slovenly wife’


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