Dreadlocks dating singles with dreadlocks

Dreadlocks dating singles with dreadlocks

Dreadlocks Dating Singles With Dreads

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All responses welcome to my random topic. Meet singles at DateHookup. Hopefully they keep it clean. And it wouldn't be a "deal breaker" at all. Dreadlocks equal GHETTO to me. They belong to a different culture quite foreign to my own. Maybe that's the problems between blacks and whites, our completely different cultures. I love dreadlocks as long as they are neat and clean on any person. Actually this white guy came to my job last week, hair full of dreads.

Only problem I had as well as others, it help updating iphone 5s so bad. How does one manage to wash all that thoroughly? Others, not so much. I know I'm not perfect, and I don't claim to be. So before you point fingers, make sure your hands are clean. I'm sure some but not all.

They smoke a lot of dope. Interesting choice of hairstyle. My first thought is they look ridiculous. My second thought is dreadlocks dating singles with dreadlocks are lazy. If they're not Black, I'm thinking,'What an idiot. Dreads are super super sexy. Dreads are not a deal breaker. I first look at how well they are kept up. If they are I say you go, you sexy thing.

No beaver tails allowed,they are a deal breaker. Dreadlocks dating singles with dreadlocks think they're pretty sexy, but only if they're NEATLY done. It's not a deal breaker at all! If they're clean and well maintained Not a deal breaker. Ive seen some really beautiful locks My cousins have grown past her butt Are silky and stunning. I have a weak spot for a pretty chick with dreads. It's not a deal breaker for me. I like well kempt hair so I would draw the line at the real rough looking kind that looks like it's completely uncared for.

My hair is natural so I give a big thumbs up for no chemical treatments to my ladies and not buying that we NEED straight hair to fit societies standard I love dreads, I had them for 12 years. The response I have read are very interesting. For one all the years I had dreads I never smoked weed or did any kind of drugs, so that is major misconception from many people.

I washed my hair often, colored it, curled and did all kinds of things to it. For me it was just a hair style not so much a religion or anything that serious. I like natural styles and that was that. So dreads for me is not a deal breaker, as long as u look nice overall there is no problem from me. Only problem I had as well as others, it smelled so bad Its not good to have smelly hair period, but having dreads in high maintenance and when people put them in they should no this.

I like them a lot. My initial reaction to seeing a person with dreadlocks is wow i like their hair. It always fascinate me to see how long many people grow their hair in such a short period of time after putting them in, but maintaining them is key. Just like I wouldn't date a dirty man, I wouldn't date a man who has dreadlocks dating singles with dreadlocks. But overall I definitely wouldn't say that dreads are a deal breaker.

If anything it makes the man dreadlocks dating singles with dreadlocks attractive. I have naturally curly unprocessed hair and love natural styles very much so that has a lot to do with the way i feel about this topic. Thumbs up for all my brothers with dreadlocks! As long as their clean and not fallin out,you A Ireland United Kingdom 41, joined Apr. Reminds me to mop my floor. Jk dude, there awesome. Its a pretty hardcore hairstyle. Honestly that song "shake them dreads" and i wonder what kinda greens they can get.

When they're neat and clean, they can be styled dating a army marshall advice soooooo many different ways--fun dreadlocks dating singles with dreadlocks free, or braided back for a cleaner, more professional look. Besides, if I'm totally honest with myself, I like the way they feel when they're dragging against my skin.

Nothing like feeling them slide over my bare shoulders!! I am not attracted to guys that have deadlocks. I went with a guy who had dreads when I was in my 20s but, I've outgrown that seen. Well, if a man deletes his profile because of that, I'll be honored. I might even have to do the same. They'd probably have good weed connections? I just think of how God awful the smell is, wrapped up in them dreads.

I got white man dreads!! It don't get any better than that! I think to myself, that's somebody I want to get to know. Someone that isn't so judgmental. I prefer dreads on women. I only know one make who makes them look professional and I usually forget that he has them because of how he carries himself. DREADS IS DA SHIT Just as ridiculous as dreadlocks. I think dreads are amazing!!! And no deal breaker. Steven Seagal can fold your arm backwards in dreadlocks dating singles with dreadlocks spots.

I think dreadlocks are disgusting, when u try to wash your hair that's if u wash it the water dont even go inside the hair Sorry but having dreadlocks dreadlocks dating singles with dreadlocks not good for anything except for the streets.

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