Fender squier dating serial

Fender squier dating serial

Korean Fender Serial Numbers

Serial Number dating?

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Just like many other fender squier dating serial in the late s, Fender decided to start manufacturing products in Korea. As with any new product line, Fender came up with a new numbering system for these guitars. You would think after nearly 40 years of producing guitars, Fender would have a standardized serial number system down datign now, right? The Korean Fender serial rating are just as scattered and confusing as all the rest of their guitars.

Let's take a look at the different serial numbers and see what they mean. Fender began producing Korean guitars inbut they didn't keep digital records of any guitar serial numbers before mid Fender admits that there is little to no information about the serial numbers from Some of the serial numbers have lettered prefixes and some don't. What we do know about the early Korean days was that there were three different plants: Guitars produced by Samick used a serial number starting with an "S" followed by six digits.

Usually the first digit represented the year fender squier dating serial production. The Young Chang and Fended guitars used a serial number starting with an "E" followed by six digits. The first number on the "E" serial numbers is a little confusing. Fennder does stand for the year of production in a way. The first year Young Chang produced guitars with inbut they didn't use a "7" or an "8" as the first number.

They used a "1" because it was the seial year of production. An "E2" serial number was then used for since it was the second year of production. At this fender squier dating serial, they decided to start corresponding the serial number with the actual year, so in they sserial an "E0" serial number. Indatibg reused an datinb serial number. It doesn't get more sefial than that, right?

Here's how to tell the duplicate serial numbers fender squier dating serial. The s guitars' serial numbers were written in silver ink. The s numbers were written in black. Some early Korean serial numbers didn't have a lettered serial number at all. They just had six, seven, or eight digits with the first fender squier dating serial representing the year. Some of these no prefix serial numbers have been found fender squier dating serial guitars produced all the way through Fender did some crazy stuff back then.

Korean serial numbers starting with "M" are said to actually be made out of plywood. Watch out for these! Here's a reference for the first few years. AfterFender really cleaned up their serial number process. They switched to two different plants: Since Fender was using new plants to build their guitars, they decided the change the numbering system again, but this time they changed it to something more like fender squier dating serial American guitars.

Both the Cort and Sungham plants used unique numbers. All Cort serial numbers started with the letter "C". You would assume Sungham would use the letter "S", but that dating sites northwest indiana already taken by the Samick plant a few years earlier. Sungham feder up using the letter "V". Both of these serial numbers used an "N" to represent the s followed by a number that stood for the exact year. This is similar to the American Fender serial numbers.

So a guitar fendrr by Fejder in would have a serial number of CN2 followed by five digits. Sungham guitars would be the same only starting with a "V". These serial numbers fender squier dating serial used until when Fender stopped producing guitars at the Sungham sqjier. Since all guitar production was moved to the Cort factory, Fender decided to change its numbering system again. Starting inthe Korean Fender Squiers used a "KC" prefix that stood for Korean made in the Cort factory.

The serial numbers were a little messed up. Fender used "KC97" to fating and followed this prefix with six, seven, fender squier dating serial eight digits. From on, Fender used the "KC" prefix followed by a two-digit year identifier and six digits. As you can see, the Korean made Fender Squier serial numbers are no less confusing than any of the other guitars. In some ways, it helps to know the story behind the numbers to understand their meaning.

I hope this article helped you figure out how old your Korean Fender guitar is. That's enough looking segial numbers. It's time to get back to playing! You can also find more information on the Fender site. MENU home electric repair acoustic repair electric building acoustic building guitar lessons projects gear. Electric Repair Articles about. Acoustic Repair Articles recent articles. Electric Building Articles fret leveling bars. Acoustic Building Articles guitar fender squier dating serial parts gender tools.

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