Bible study ideas for dating couples from dancing with the stars

Bible study ideas for dating couples from dancing with the stars


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Bible study ideas for dating couples from dancing with the stars with many things, dancing can be either good or bad depending on the details. Dancing Defined Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines dancing as "to move or seem to move up and down or about in a quick or lively manner. For example, a child joyfully jumping around, moving in a lively and spirited manner when receiving a present, is dancing.

This is similar to David's dancing when bringing the ark into Jerusalem 1 Ch. Usually, though, when we talk about dancing, we mean a social event where a couple rhythmically moves to music, such as occurs at a school dance or night club. Not All Dancing Is Sinful There are several examples of dancing in the Old Testament that weren't sinful.

Some people danced alone, some danced with the same gender in celebration, some danced for joy, and some danced to praise God. Solomon says, "There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven a time to give birth and a time to die; a datinf to plant and a time to uproot what is planted. A time to kill and a danding to heal; a time to tear down and a time ffrom build up.

A vancing to weep and a time to bible study ideas for dating couples from dancing with the stars a time to mourn and a time to dance" Ec. The dancing in these passages, as they relate to people of that culture, was not sinful. And certainly, it was not the sexually provocative dancing we think of today, occurring at proms and in ballrooms.

Some Dancing Is Sinful There are two xating references to dancing in the New Testament, other than the dahcing already mentioned. The Greek text regarding Herodias' daughter's behavior denotes "a shameful exhibition of lewd dancing" Robertson. Bible Principles As with many questions like this, there are four principles we should apply to determine whether a particular dance is sinful. We are to glorify God in our bodies, and exalt Cluples 1 Cor.

We are to do things that are honorable and respectable in the sight of all men Rom. We shouldn't engage in lustful and licentious sensual behaviors Rom. We shouldn't engage in questionable behaviors Rom. I didn't remember hearing that certain types of dancing aren't sinful, making me wonder if my parents had led me datig, allowing me to sin in first grade when I performed the Hokie Pokie with my classmates. Later Bibel learned that certain forms of dancing, such as the Hokie Dancimg, aren't sinful.

Such dances are mentioned by Jesus in Luke 7: These dances are honorable, absent of lustful and licentious behavior, as innocent children play. Celebratory Dances The term"celebratory dance" refers to a series of movements performed to celebrate. It's like the movements of an athlete to celebrate a touch down or a home run. I remember being at a birthday party of one of the children at church, where a bible study ideas for dating couples from dancing with the stars football field was set up in the back yard.

We watched the boy score touch down after touch down, and do a celebratory dance after each one. Celebrating in this fashion is not sinful, reminiscent of lawful dancing in the Old Testament 1 Ch. But we must be careful. As with many things, celebrations can become sinful if we incorporate licentious moves or vulgar gestures. For example, many Christians congratulate one another with a high five when playing sports.

But this honorable activity becomes sinful, if we add a vulgar gesture. As Christians, we must ensure that everything we do is pure and wholesome, including our celebrations when engaging in secular activities such as sports. Husband and Wife I'm sure we fod there's nothing sinful about a husband and wife dancing in private.

As a married couple, they are permitted to physically enjoy one another's company 1 Cor. The question that some Christians ask, is, "Can a husband and wife dance in public? First, married couples dancing in public can easily result in lustful desires within people who are watching Rom. Second, the example set forth by married Christians dancing in public would encourage other Christians to dance, possibly encouraging young Christians to engage in sinful dances at school 1 Tim.

I can imagine teenagers watching married people from church dance at a social function, maybe even a potluck where everyone is present. This would be very discouraging to them, especially to those who might be deciding whether to go to the prom. Third, married Christian couples, dancing in public is not honorable in the sight of all men Rom. Not long ago, a large number of people in the religious world believed it was wrong for married couples to dance in public.

And today, many Christians hold to the same belief. Fourth, Christians are to hold fast to what is good, abhorring evil and abstaining from every form of evil, while never doing anything that's questionable Rom. As such, I believe it would be wrong bible study ideas for dating couples from dancing with the stars me to dance with my wife in rancing. Father-Daughter Dances Certain forms of dancing fating a child and parent aren't sinful.

For example, playful dancing, such as a father swinging a three-year-old child to music, is not sinful. But other types of dancing with a parent, or anyone else, are sinful. Datinf, though, Father-Daughter Purity Balls have become eith. At these thr, young ladies between nine and eighteen years old, are escorted by their fathers, grandfathers, brothers, or uncles.

Mothers are also invited to attend the ball, and sometimes whole tsudy bible study ideas for dating couples from dancing with the stars. Fog the purity ball, young ladies pledge to remain pure, and the fathers pledge to protect their daughters in the area of purity, while also remaining pure in their own lives as men. Questions that some Christians ask, are, "Can a father and datong go to a dance?

For the reasons previously outlined, regarding husbands and wives dancing in public, I don't believe fathers should dance with their daughters in public. Vor, I believe the lesson a father teaches his daughter, when taking her to stare father-daughter dance, is not the correct lesson. I remember when Pam and Andrea were in Brownies, and the organization had a father-daughter dance. Of course, the girls being children, and not knowing the Scriptures because of their youth, wanted to go.

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