16 dating 18 year old illegal

16 dating 18 year old illegal

My Son Is Dating a Minor: Should I Be Worried About the Legal Implications?

Questions About Consent and Relationships

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My son is 18 and a senior in high school he is in a relationship with a 16 year old. He has lied about her age until yesterday and I am worried about the consequences of a sexual relationship. Any suggestions would be helpful. I just don't know where to go from here. Thank you for all the comments, we have a friend that is a police officer that I am going to have come to the house to talk to him 16 dating 18 year old illegal he severitty of the situation.

We live in Wisconsin so the age of consent is Even if she gives her consent, she is only 16 and that 16 dating 18 year old illegal cannot be taken into account. If the break up is bad, he could go to jail if they have sex and iillegal labled a sex offender. When people hear a sex offender is in the neighborhood, nobody cares how they became one, just want to stay away from They are both teen agers What is the problem? I think each state might be different but here it is not illegal for new free dating site in american 18 yr old and 16 yr old.

Check your state laws but I don't think I'd be overly yea. Age of consent is 18 AND there is NO special law that cuts young people some slack if there's just a couple years' age difference. I'd like the law to get changed so at least there's a lighter penalty when there's just a few years' age difference. Does anyone know of any movement afoot in Wisconsin to at least minimize the penalty when the age difference is just a few yrs?

What's esp ironic is that Wisconsin has some of the most lax drunken driving laws datung the nation. Even after multiple offenses, many drunken drivers serve no jail time. A lot of good responses. Hope things work out well for all of you! I agree; definitly look into the laws regarding minors and adults dating. If I was in this situation; I think I'd tell my son that I am not against the 2 year age difference.

My parents are 11 year's apart. Luckily you do have that friend, police office, that can talk to him. That will be a great help! I think it would be harder for the parents of the girl; then it would be on me and my husband. If it was my dsting I think I'd offer support, or to meet her parents and talk to them first. I don't know if Catholic metalhead dating site send my ysar in by himself to confront the parents and tell them his age.

If they already know, and don't have a problem with it, great! But my point is, they are both just high school kids. High school kids, regardless of the magic number "18". While I wholly agree with Bev in principle just make sure he's aware of the possibilities of someone making accusations about anything he does inappropriate in public. That was my point.

I think you've heard it all from the replies here - he is in dangerous territory and being datign a sexual predator does not come with "end-of-sentence" as many crimes do - if he is prosecuted in any way he will not be able to work in many areas he might like to just because of their location to where minors have access. I don't know if this is a big age difference, your bound to bump heads anyway when your in high school.

I'm so glad your thinking about this! Remember, as good as the relationship is now, if they break up and its bad, she could lie and say they did have olld relations. This did happen to my daughters illrgal here in Michigan. My purpose is not to scare or alarm 16 dating 18 year old illegal but just to make sure you two are informed. Personaly, I don't think a 2 year difference is a big deal but others might, including her parents.

Kids will push whatever limits you put on them. My daughter was a freshman at 14 and our deal was no seniors and only going out with groups until she was Well, she started "going with" a Junior and we gear "Ok, he's not a senior, and he's a nice church going, young man, and we know his parents" He still tried to take liberties with her!!! Lucky for us some of her older friends found out and had a "discussion" with him.

They him that she was like a little sister to them so if you mess with her your messing with our "sister" He got the message loud and clear!! Keep him educated and prepared! If they want to see each other they will regardless of what anyone else says, parents or police. They age difference would not be a factor if she were 16 dating 18 year old illegal legal age, that being said, knowledge is power and birth control is priceless.

Mat seem harsh but so will the reality of teenage 16 dating 18 year old illegalso better to be prepared if there is any chance they are already sexually active. Good luck to all of you! He needs to be reminded of the severe consequences and potential threat to his freedom and his future. Her parents could have him dating vintage mxr pedals considering he is an adult, having a relationship with a minor.

If convicted of any charges, he will be considered a sex offender for Life. Take him down to 16 dating 18 year old illegal police station and let them explain to him. BUT I dont think there is anything wrong them dating! I think most would agree. They will be fine! Dont worry yourself over what has not happened Look, I really wouldn't worry much about it Now if she was like 11 or lower you would really would have some issues to work out with him.

Now I just don't think there's a cause for concern. Maybe take him to talk to a police officer in your community to reiterate the law, and consequences. If you live in a close knit community you could probably have one come to the house to talk: Maybe talk with him and her and explain the consequences and as others said look into the laws before discussing it.

Maybe even talk with the girl's parents just to make sure they know and you all are on the same page, after speaking with your son and his girlfriend of course. This is more for your son's sake than hers. He may be upset with you but, better to do this than have him go to jail and live with it for the rest of 16 dating 18 year old illegal life just for dating someone two years younger than himself.

What will be scary though is if it is against the law and the parents are ok with them dating and then they have a bad break up and the parents get nasty. I am so not looking forward to datijg dating scene with my kids. I hope it all works out okd everyone! Please talk to him but try to do it without judgement. Tell him the facts only and tell him you want him to datihg educated decisions.

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