Msn weather gadget not updating

Msn weather gadget not updating

Fix Currency, Stock or Weather Gadgets Not Updating in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

MSN Weather

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Clearing the Sidebar Gadgets cache using the following steps might help. The above folder is where the Currency Gadget stores some data. Likewise, Weather msn weather gadget not updating stores the data in a folder named ddf2-b2fc31f To reset the cache for Currency gadget, right-click the folder "currency" and choose Delete. Ramesh Srinivasan founded Winhelponline. He is passionate about Microsoft technologies and has a vast experience in the ITeS industry — delivering support for Microsoft's consumer products.

He upvating been a Microsoft MVP [ to ] who contributes to various Windows support forums. Baatish method Here is a simple solution I found on http: After seconds restart the gadget! Here is badget simple solution I found on http: Here how you fix this issue: Looks like currency gadget stopped receiving data from 31st 0ct.

Since then, mine has been reporting the same data with no change for the last 22 days. Time for someone to come up with new gadget or make a fix for this one to connect to another currency data supplier. It sort of worked but not really. Thank for the gadget fix win 7 I ran it twice and both times all gadgets came back running but the currency and weather both came up — Cannot connect to service now How can I re connect?

Until then, you may use the workaround posted here: Fix Currency, Stock or Weather Gadgets Not Updating in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. About the author Ramesh Srinivasan founded Winhelponline. Fix Event Log Service Error The Instance Name Passed Was Not Recognized. How to Use Resource Monitor to Find Which Process Has Locked a File? May 6, at March 18, at 2: The last comment is not truth,cause mine stop about three weeks ago.

February 17, at February 10, at 4: Now the weather gadget no longer works. December 22, at 1: November 29, at 9: November 21, at 5: November 14, at 3: November 7, at 9: Looks like currency gadget is now dead. All others including weather work fine. June 20, at March 22, at 8: Thanks for the currency gadget fix for win 7 I msn weather gadget not updating weathee it for a second time gadgett it all comes back up running but now the currency — reads Cannot connect to service How do I get it to re connect?

March 8, at 8: March 8, at 1: November 22, at November 2, at July 29, at Subscribe Subscribe to blog via email to receive notifications of new posts in your inbox. How to Add Ribbon Command to Right-click Dating applications on facebook in Windows 10? Find the Windows version, build and edition from ISO or DVD Show "Copy as Path" Always in Right-Click Menu Without Shift Key Restart Explorer Gracefully Using Shortcut or Command Show or Hide Selected Files from the Right-click menu Change Quick Access Icon in Windows 10 Updatkng Explorer Get Old Classic Calculator in Windows 10 How to Enable Blue Light Reduction in Windows 10?

Find Which Process Has Locked a Npt Without Using 3rd Party Tools How to Change Drive Msn weather gadget not updating With Custom. ICO Files in Windows? Create Live Folders in Windows 10 Start Screen [Tile Folders] Restore or Reinstall Windows Store in Windows 10 after uninstalling it with PowerShell How to Copy Command Prompt Output Text to Clipboard or Save to File?

How to Run Programs as TrustedInstaller to Write to Certain Registry Keys or Files?

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Fix Weather Gadget WINDOWS 7

How To Fix Weather Channel Sidebar Gadget Not Working (Solved)

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