Serena williams dating black guys quotes

Serena williams dating black guys quotes

Serena Williams owes black men nothing for her white fiancé

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I need to preface serena williams dating black guys quotes you are about to read with a … not so much an explanation, but a statement of awareness of how it may be received. If you are a person, male or female, who ascribes to Hotep and ankh-right beliefs, you will probably be pissed before the end ailliams this article.

You have been warned. Thursday afternoon the time grand-slam winner announced on Reddit her intentions to wed Alexis Ohanianthe year-old co-founder and executive chairman of Reddit. In a thread for engagement stories, Williams shared details of her romantic proposal, noting that Ohanian had surprised her with a trip to Rome and taken her to the restaurant and table where they first met.

There was speculation of a romance earlier this ailliams by US Weeklybut neither Williams nor Ohanian responded to verify. Herpes dating, you ask, would anyone hate on an engagement announcement? Well … Ohanian is not black. I wonder if these kinds of guys recognize their own hypocrisy. The negative reaction of some men has nothing to with Williams. Like, how is it possible that so many men who practice misogynoir day in and day out, whether by creating memes or posting them, or sitting silently by as others offend and abuse, become angry when a desired black women chooses a man of another race?

Williams is currently in New Zealand prepping for the ASB Classicenjoying her fiance and not spending one iota of brain power thinking glack this online debate. But to those who are riled up about her choice despite the lack of damns she gives, she seems to represent some sort of betrayal, which is just baffling. I mean follow her example of chasing happiness and finding a partner who demonstrates support, love and a willingness to commit.

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