Wot noobmeter not updating

Wot noobmeter not updating

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They're were in-game but on the whole and all 3rd sensory faithful I can find they're not. Styo, on Apr 21 -. The glossary thing about 60 day stats on wotlabs, is the principal it represents you how do are changing the stats. Styo, on Apr 21 -. Styo 5 Did Apr 21 - Continuous Version Mark Community Replaced Forums Billings Mark all as did. They're updating in-game but on the american and all 3rd world options I can find they're not.


Fuur, on 30 March - Yeah, i've been taking a snapshot after every session lately, apparently I'm wot noobmeter not updating bad, but can haz potential. BlackPaw, on 30 March - It will update right after you log out from the game. GOTKU, on 30 March - Hope is not a strategy. Pray here to MM, RNG and Luck: Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Approve Set Invisible Unapprove Post Hide Unhide Delete Merge Split Move.

If you unfollow this topic you will no longer receive any notifications. Is Noobmeter still working? Started by DarvisMar 30 wot noobmeter not updating Darvis 1 Posted 30 March - I usually check how I've gone each day on noobmeter, but my stats haven't updated since 23 March. Is it just me, or is noobmeter not working anymore? The url is http: MissMadeline 2 Posted 30 March - My WOT laps has been on the blink recently as well - I often get a "the server is offline' message - I then go to noobmeter to be meet with the same or similar message.

I imagine the problem could be meet dating women delhi ncr Seems to be working now however. My random pubs battle theme song: They have a function wot noobmeter not updating take a snapshot of your WoT stats immediately so you don't have to wait for the site to auto update your stats. Darvis 4 Posted 30 March - I checked wotlabs and I think that's working for me.

Hasn't been updated for me in three of four days. Darvis 6 Posted 30 March - Wotlabs seems a reasonable alternative, but I was enjoying the 4 progress graphs that they have on noobmeter. Fendalton 9 Posted 30 March - It kind of works, it's a bit broken. Noobmeter still working for me. GOTKU 12 Posted 30 March - Former EU server player. French guy playing from Bangkok. BlackPaw 13 Posted 30 March - Last session 21 march and there are unknown in almost every cell.

Edited by BlackPaw, 30 March - Last session 21 march. ForkUrEyes 15 Posted 30 March - My noobmeter seems dead too. With your recent sessions? It has wot noobmeter not updating to do so since the 23rd march for me. Nope 23rd march was the last day for NOOBMETER to work for me wotlabs was working till 2 days ago then stopped. BlackPaw 18 Posted 31 March - Wotlabs is still working AdrianK 19 Posted 31 March - wot noobmeter not updating Edited by AdrianK, 31 March - Hope is not a strategy Pray here to MM, RNG and Luck: MissMadeline 20 Posted 31 March - Back to Locked Thread Archive.

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Is Noobmeter still working?


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Stats not updating

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