Vba applicationscreenupdating false not working

Vba applicationscreenupdating false not working

Application.ScreenUpdating = False not working

Why does application.screenupdating = False is not working

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Course Of The Month 17 days, 18 hours left to enroll. View June's Free Course. Become a Premium Member and unlock a new, free course in leading technologies each month. Hi Experts, I have a spreadsheet where I have created a console page to run a variety of reports from. While the reports are running, I would like the focus to stay on the console page. I have tried using application. When I vba applicationscreenupdating false not working the button to run the reports, the various reports pop up as they are being run instead of the focus staying on the console page.

I am using and need to use sheetname. Could this be causing the application. If so, is there some other way to keep the report screens vba applicationscreenupdating false not working flashing as vba applicationscreenupdating false not working reports are run? Thanks for your help, taduh Here is the code that calls the report subroutine: Here is the vba applicationscreenupdating false not working subroutine: Activate 'Execute RHXL Control 11 Refresh Control 1 application.

You need vba applicationscreenupdating false not working either restore the control tab before turning screen updating back on, or not activate the other tabs in the first place. ScreenUpdating vba applicationscreenupdating false not working might Try DoCmd. Echo False vba applicationscreenupdating false not working still happen, it just doesn't show them ' DoCmd. Echo True 'Any updates previously done are now visible.

If you leave screen updating off until you after you have restored the control tab you should not see any flashing of undesired content. Echo is an Access command, it doesn't work in Excel. You don't need to activate the tabs or access their command bars to refresh data. There's always a object method you can call that does not require and form of screen updating. Let us see more of your code, including the areas that you believe require activating new sheets, and maybe we vba applicationscreenupdating false not working a workaround.

You should never have to make a call to things like. Those are things that excel records in macros, but that can always be circumvented. Another reason why you shouldn't use 'Execute RHXL Control 11 Refresh Control 1 application. Exec ute is that if anyone configures addins differently or anything, that messes with the order of controls in the toolbar, simply telling a certain control to execute might run the entirely wrong thing.

You should be able to make a direct call to some method in the rhxl32 add-in. Is this the Hyperion Database addin? Let me clarify - its the Hyperion Enterprise database - not Essbase. You can't avoid flashing altogether, but if you leave screen updating off until after you have restored the control tab, it should be minimal. In your code you have this line at the end of the report routine: For the benefit of others viewing the question: I see you've already attempted to travel down this path: Zorvek, So there's no way that you know of to prevent the flashing?

I guess if in enterprise there's no way to automate it, then you're stuck with this. You can't really dig into their protected addin methods. If they didn't provide a way to run their code through automation then you'll have to simulate the UI interactions. Go with Kevin's solution and live with the flashing I guess. If you disable screen updating other than when you're activating new sheets, it will minimize the flashing like Kevin said.

Whenever you turn vba applicationscreenupdating false not working updating off and then on again, Excel repaints the entire screen with whatever is currently active. You will always see a little flash. The real goal is to prevent the other stuff from being displayed. Why a command like application. Well I'm pretty sure it's. Name And yeah, if you only see the screen flash once, then you've won - because that's the minimum for turning screen updating off then on again as Kevin said.

Even if you are seeing a quick flash of the other worksheet, there's not much you can do there since you're activating it. It should not be ignored. Make sure you have removed all occurrences of Application. Okay, based on your recommendation, I have set up logic to check for the RHXL add-in and to note the position of it on the Control bar.

One other question, related to flashing and I thought I had posted this earlier, but I don't see it in the postings. It errors out in the Else portion. The error message is Run-time error '': PrintOu t with Worksheets "MyWorksheetNam e". Range Worksheets "MyWorksh eetName". PrintOut Same thing with activesheet, make it Worksheets "MyWorksheetNam e" You should never depend on the implicit form of referencing a range or cell property value.

Well I guess if you don't want to mess with the way things are currently going, you might even solve your problem just by writing ActiveSheet. But like I said, it's awkward using code that refers to the active sheet instead of a sheet in particular or a nonstatic reference to a sheet object. Alainbryden, I used your second alternative because I'm calling the Print PDF subroutine to print a variety of different reports on different worksheets.

Thats questions to ask when online dating I used the refernce to Active sheet. Unfortunately, I got the following error: Maybe the code just isn't right. Try macro-recording the print action and see what code excel pops out. Author Closing Comment by: I've decided to live with the flashing - there's no real way to stop it and it allows the user to see what's going on - Zorvek - 50 points for your time and effort - I appreciate it.

I've awarded points to alainbryden because he noticed what could have been a real problem in my code - the controls on the vba applicationscreenupdating false not working could change or may be configured differently for different people who will use my application - and guided me through a way to determine if the controls I need even exist on the commandbar and if so, what control number they are. Kudos for preventing what could have been a big headache. The error "Application-defined or object-defined error" would likely occur from the way the object is being passed.

Turning Off Screen Updating


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