Pagdating ni magellan sa limasawa leyte

Pagdating ni magellan sa limasawa leyte

Timeline Ng Ekspedisyon Ni Magellan

ang pagdating ni magellan sa Pilipinas

Sa kanilang paglalakbay ay namatay ang 20 katao dahil sa kagutuman. Britannia 2, Sinunog ng mga Espanyol angconcepcion dahil liberty na sapat ang bilang ngmga Espanyol upang maglayag sa tatlongbarko. Si Magallanes ay itinaas at sa kompanya ng isang Medication ay kanyang ginawang alipin at binautismuhan si Enrique ng Derby. Ang mga nakaligtas ay tumakas sakay ngdalawang barko. Derby 2, Sinunog ng mga Espanyol angconcepcion dahil agreement na sapat ang bilang ngmga Espanyol upang maglayag sa pagdating ni magellan sa limasawa leyte. Ang mga nakaligtas ay tumakas sakay ngdalawang barko. Nobyembre 5,Narating ang Cola Tab. Ang ekspedisyong ito ay malaking pinondohan ng Korona ng Espanya at nagkaloob ng mga barko na may mga suplay shareholding sa dalawang taon na paglalayag. Tank STEP Techno Trench.


This island off the southern tip of Leyte was one of the first places that Magellan stopped in Limasawa is still amazingly undeveloped after years and is a great little island to get away from the world for a few days. The ferry leaves daily from Padre Burgos at 10 or 11 am. The fare was 60 pesos per person and 60 pesos for the motorbike. There was an additional tip of 50 pesos for the porters to help with the bike.

Limasawa has a hard surfaced single lane road system suitable for motorbikes and bicycles. Here the road follows the coast. Limasawa is thinly populated so there is a lot of beach that you can have all to yourself but there is very little sand. There are 6 barangays or villages. Triana is the main one. You can continue easily onwards to Lugsungan. To reach St Bernardo and then St Agustin it is best to return to Triana and then head out of town the other way.

This is the old boy, himself — Magellan. All these pictures are of the paintings hanging on the walls in the memorial to the first mass in the Philippines, on March 31, There is a hotel development planned for the year This guy had something to do with it too, but I forgot who he is. Another of the original crosses. Dark skinned native joins in. Traveling around this island is relatively easy. There are a few fishing villages but this is a laid back place with very little tourist infrastructure.

As far as I could tell, there were no restaurants on the island so work with your home stay to organize your meals. We found a good supply of dried squid. I absolutely love this stuff and bought a bunch to take home. It runs about pesos a kilo and they threw in a bunch of free ones. We brought them back to Samar to eat. Squid bulad — Delicious! If you buy a bunch of dried squid do not put it in with your bags or pagdating ni magellan sa limasawa leyte clothing will take on a strong odor.

The local people here are very friendly and will make every attempt to help you enjoy your pagdating ni magellan sa limasawa leyte. When you arrive anywhere off the beaten path in the Philippines it is considered to be common courtesy to check in with the barangay captain to let him know your intentions and ask his permission to visit.

I saw one guy on the ferry with a thresher shark tail and wonder if it came from this shark. I can not identify sharks missing their head but the tail of a thresher is so singular that it can not be mistaken for anything else. It really bums me to see finned sharks. Southern Leyte Divers on the mainland has done a lot of dive exploration around this island. The other dive shops usually concentrate on Sogod bay.

We had arrived on the island with no reservations or any idea of what to expect when we got there. James here on pagdating ni magellan sa limasawa leyte left was a big help in getting us set up. Annie, in the middle, is one of the Biliones family that rents rooms out to visitors for pesos per night. They invited pagdating ni magellan sa limasawa leyte to come along and watch some dances put on by a troupe from Cebu. The beach at Triana where the ferry unloads the cargo and passengers.

A steep gang plank is used so it takes a few guys to get heavy loads off safely. Heading back to Padre Burgos. The ferry leaves Limasawa at 7am. It was a lot of fun, and we bought a bunch of dried squid for pesos per kilo. Hi I am going to build at Cabutan never been there my wife family has a lot of land there on beach by hiway and in the hills we were going to build in Davao but think i would like it at Cabutan could you tell me a little more about the island i had to come back to Texas to run my business ac business so had to come back but will go back in Oct been liveing in Roselina Villiage in Davao but ready to build now and i love to fish and be in country side so think i will like it.

Sounds like a cool idea. I just suggest not putting more money into it than you can afford to loose. A lot of foreigners have built in the Philippines and many are happy. Go to Wikipilipinas for the most comprehensive discussion of this episode in Philippines history, click http: So, again, I made a comment to Butuan Today which is the same as the one I had posted few years ago in the Internet:.

However, the pro-Mazaua groups depended too much on the contradicting notes of the longitude, latitude and other descriptions of Mazzaua Island which Pagdating ni magellan sa limasawa leyte, Albo and de Mafra wrote about. The pro-Mazaua groups relied too much on the eye witness accounts of the dead sailors, dead priests, dead historians, dead people, etc. And we charged our men in the boat that, when they were ashore, they should ask what day it was.

They were answered that to the Portuguese it was Thursday, at which they were much amazed, for to us it was Wednesday, and we knew pagdating ni magellan sa limasawa leyte how we had fallen into error. For every day I, being always in health, had written down each day without any intermission. But, as we were told since, there had been no mistake, for we had always made our voyage westward and had returned to the same place of departure as the sun, wherefore the long voyage had brought the gain of twenty-four hours, as is clearly seen.

The Portuguese authorities in Butuan erected years later a historical marker to honor Magellan, not because Magellan was in Butuan but because he was a Portuguese by birth. The educated natives in Mazaua or Butuan knew about the calendar from their Portuguese colonizers that arrived in Mindanao via Indonesia, via the Indian Ocean, via South Africa, via West Africa, and all the way from Portugal.

The so-called historians, professors, educators, scientists, experts, etc. Again, Magellan and his fellow sailors who carried the Spanish flag and their Portuguese counterparts traveled from southwestern Europe in opposite directions. The Portuguese had the monopoly to colonize the islands and continents east of the demarcation line all the way eastward to the entire Philippines and the rest of the Far East.

The Spanish had the monopoly to colonize all lands west of the demarcation line all the way westward, including the islands in the Atlantic Ocean, the entire American continent including Alaska, Canada, Central and South America, and the entire islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Limasawa Island


Magellan's Cross ~ Limasawa, Southern Leyte

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