Current wwe divas who are dating wwe superstars in real life

Current wwe divas who are dating wwe superstars in real life

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Still, relationships within the business are a common thing and it makes sense when you really think about it. Wrestlers live a very unique life on the road and spend the majority of their time away from home. It is impossible to meet people in everyday life and relationships are formed with those you spend the most time with. Many of the current top WWE superstars are involved in relationships with other wrestlers. The majority of them are dating fellow stars in the WWE.

Others are dating wrestlers that work for different promotions. A few current wwe divas who are dating wwe superstars in real life involved with employees in other fields within the wrestling world. There still a few stars with a significant current wwe divas who are dating wwe superstars in real life outside of wrestling such as Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens and Randy Orton, who are all married to women not in the public eye.

Happy Birthday to my best friend and favorite human in the whole wide world. M E L L A carmellawwe on Aug 16, at 8: One couple that started dating back in NXT and has continued their relationship onto the main roster is Big Cass and Carmella. Colin Cassady rose to stardom alongside his tag partner, Enzo Amore. They are perfect together with an energy that sets them apart from anyone else on the roster today.

The duo saw Carmella become their manager in NXT and all three were linked together for a long time. Cass and Carmella began dating at some point while working and traveling together, developing chemistry on and off screen. The act split when Big Cass and Enzo were called up to the main roster the night after WrestleMania 32 without Carmella.

Breaking Ground filmed the moment of Triple H informing the tag team that Carmella needed to stay in NXT to current wwe divas who are dating wwe superstars in real life her growth as a wrestler on her own. The two may not work on the same shows but they are still dating. Bayley skyrocketed to the top of NXT by connecting with fan of all demographics.

She is dating independent wrestler Aaron Solow. WWE may not view him as a future World Champion but he definitely leaves an impact on the fans with his incredible in-ring skills. This was also true during his independent wrestling days in Ring of Honor. Cesaro and Del Rey work together today in the WWE despite Del Rey retiring from in-ring competition. She has become an important figure in the company, helping to train and improve the female prospects in NXT.

A photo posted by CJ Perry thelanawwe on Sep 9, at One of the rare instances of an on-screen romance carrying over to real life is the story of Rusev and Lana. Rusev and Lana have dated for quite some time and recently got married. WWE tried separating them on television with the intent of pairing Lana with Dolph Ziggler and Rusev with Summer Rae.

All four suffered for it and the WWE was forced to put Lana and Rusev back together. We will likely get a closer look into their personal lives as Lana has joined the cast of the E! The real life romance of Lana and Rusev is expected to be a major factor of the upcoming season with their wedding being filmed for the show. They are likely going to be dating free in personals utah together on WWE TV for quite some time as well.

Thanks for the birthday wishes IG fam. Of all the gifts I've received, this is my greatest. Repost theatrinidadtmt with repostapp. And to many more GREAT memories ahead. A photo posted by Austin Aries austinhealyaries on Apr 16, at 2: Austin Aries worked his entire adult life towards getting to the WWE and it finally happened this year.

Finally, he is on the WWE roster as a top heel helping keep the NXT brand strong. Many know her for her time in TNA as Rosita and she has continued working for various promotions all over the country. At some point along the way, Trinidad and Aries linked up and decided to start a legit relationship. Aries took bookings with her as his manager before signing with the WWE.

Season premiere of totalbellas in 20 mins only on E! A photo posted by Nikki Bella thenikkibella on Oct 5, at 4: The most high profile relationship in the entire WWE has to be John Cena dating Nikki Bella. Cena is by far the biggest star in the industry and his relationship with Nikki created news stories in the wrestling world. Current wwe divas who are dating wwe superstars in real life worked out so well for the couple that E!

Network decided to start the spin-off reality series of Total Bellas. The show mostly focuses on the relationships of Cena and Nikki along with Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. A photo posted by Maryse Mizanin marysemizanin on Oct 6, at Maryse returned to WWE television this year after a length absence to finally find her best role in the company. Maryse was paired with Ted DiBiase and the two had zero chemistry, sinking her managing career at the time.

Fast forward to and Miz was struggling to remain relevant. The idea of Maryse returning was pitched to bring their real life marriage to the on-screen product. The two are among the best heels on WWE television and Miz has never been better. The rise of Alexa Bliss over the past few years has been impressive. At the young age of 25, Bliss is already a fixture on the main roster and is arguably the best female heel on the SmackDown brand. Bliss worked her way up through improvements and character progression down in NXT.

Bliss and Murphy found a real life relationship during their stint working together. Many relationships current wwe divas who are dating wwe superstars in real life this list started from a storyline and the fact that people spend so much time working and traveling together means they truly get to know each other on a personal level.

That was true for Bliss and Murphy, as they continue their relationship. Murphy likely has to be putting in extra work looking to find enough momentum to join his girlfriend on the main roster. Dolph Ziggler is still an active member of the WWE roster after winning his Intercontinental Championship match against The Miz. Rumors circulated that Ziggler would be hitting the free agent market with his contract running out, but Ziggler had extra motivation to remain in the WWE landscape due to his relationship with Dana Brooke.

The relationship between Ziggler and Dana has been going on for quite some time and it started when Brooke was in the WWE developmental system working her way through NXT.

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