Dating on match com forum

Dating on match com forum

Very annoyed with

Have you ever used what are you experiences?

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Journals Recent Dating on match com forum Best Entries Best Journals Journal List Search Journals. Community Links Members List. I have been on Match dating on match com forum several months and have met one person. This new girl I am talking to, after like 5 message exchanges, I asked for her number. I assume she will give it to me or else she wouldn't have responded to my emails. Out of curiosity, does anyone have any good or bad Match.

Share Share this post on Digg Del. I was never on Match but my husband was. I was on e-harmony. Most OLD experiences are similar; the site doesn't matter. Some people do great. Others find everybody to be too flaky, picky etc. Good luck with the woman you are getting to know but proceed cautiously. I never ever had a good experience with match.

I only got scams messages from men pretending to be widowers with a sappy story and eventually they need money from me to come back home from some far away country. I've spoken to a few women and can usually tell between fake and real profiles. I've gotten maybe 20 percent datkng reply but I figure it's because all the cute girls are talking to a handful of guys. This new girl is cute but a little top heavy. This doesn't bother me but it may to some other guys.

Originally Posted by VedderisBetter. I've gotten maybe 20 percent to reply but I figure it's because all the cute girls are talking thankful of guys. I met the woman I'm in love with on Match. Prior to her, I'd met and dating on match com forum a couple of other women on Match. For me, it was firum best site. Your mileage will very. For me, I'm very very happy with the woman I met on Match. I had dozens of good experiences from match, in that of all the women I met, none could count as a bad experience.

True, with most there wasn't enough chemistry for a second date, but there was with the rest. A few had long term potential, and I married one of them. BluEyeL and BikerAccnt like this. I've been using Match since Dec somewhat passively. Site loads quickly and is easy to use compared to the other sites OKCupid is slow with all the ads I've gotten a few dates, and the last girl I dated was actually quite attractive. The woman did give me her number and we texted tonight.

I asked her what her experience has been like on the site and she said it's been ok. She said she's met two guys. The first one there was no chemistry and the second she dating on match com forum a point to say is casual right now. I guess she said that because she doesn't want me to think she's really into said guy yet. I posted this in another thread, but once I recounted all matc experiences it made for a nice little summary.

This was a comparison of Match and OkCupid btw, and OKC dating on match com forum owned by the same company that owns Match for what it's worth: I met 20 guys total between using OkCupid and Match. I started in Feb. So I only had a short mwtch of time on those sites 7 months but in my experience of those Either directly or by fading out. Been together for 5 months now!

Met on OKC Vating tell you all dating on match com forum this so you know it's pretty even across the board. People who are on a paid site foruj also on free sites most of the time, but those on free sites might not be on the paid ones. You meet good people on both types of sites, and flakes on both. Being on a paid site doesn't mean that people are more 'serious' about finding a relationship, BUT I will say I got waaaay more messages firum the free site than I ever did on Match.

Often times people are 'window shopping' and having fun rather than looking for dating on match com forum potential partner; and I think that stems from the fact that OLD is like a smorgasbord of available people all the time! So you meet someone, and there is just one teensy weensy thing that bothers you about them, you can just log back into your account and resume emailing the masses again. Overall no matter what site you use, OLD can take a while before you meet someone of genuine interest who will feel the same about you.

The important thing is to keep trying. TAKE BREAKS now and then. Especially after a string of failed dates. Don't dwell on the failures, learn from it and put your best foot forward with every person to meet. Take chances and keep an open magch. I never had any success on match. My profile got zero foruj, and no one ever responded to my messages. I did not renew my membership. I've had better luck on okcupid. Originally Posted by niceguy with toys.

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