Dating someone three years older

Dating someone three years older

Would you date would you date someone 3 or 4 years older/younger?

Is it ok to date someone 3 years older than you

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Meet singles at DateHookup. You being 19, 3 or 4 years older is ok. But u guys can't have sex til she's Also her parents have to ok it. Recently- I went out with a guy years younger and was fine I have no problem with years older. Such is life I guess. Obviously he's one of the asshats in our age group who never grew up and is still out there just seeking the next notch for his bed post.

Most of us by the time we hit our 40s though realize that while sex is great there are so many other aspects to a relationship beside how many times a week we are screwing our brains out. Depends on the age. Wow Senior Citizens Aye! Your on a Roll! THEY ALSO DELETED A REALLY GREAT THREAD OF MINE. Watch it or I'll trip you with my cane!! You are an obnoxious little twit. Really, I wouldn't lie to my pet troll. You are so, what's the word You know you have some major issues, kiddo.

Make no mistake kiddo, I am not weak. I dating someone three years older what you dislike most, a strong woman that is in a position of authority over some men. You know that just makes you crazy. LOL ya i really envy having to blow a man for your position and have everyone talk behind your back at work. Damn, if only i could give pro handjobs like you. You talk about me having issues when you have more than anyone i can name, dont try to hide it. What are you rambling on about??

That's part of your problem, junior. You think a woman would have to give a blowjob to have a job that puts her in a supervisory position over men. You really know nothing about me, as I do not tell all on here, like you do. I don't call people foul names and I don't make up lies about them. I remember your posts from when you signed up, about how ANGRY you were having a woman boss.

Called her some pretty foul names too. Like I said, you have issues. You dont get angry at people? You dont wonder if other people talk behind your back? You cant stand that other people dont agree with your way of thinking dating someone three years older it makes you unstable. Now you point about making up lies about people is completely false because its psychologically impossible to not make things up about everything.

We all have biases, preconceived notions about how people and the world work that. We are more likely to see dating someone three years older that arnt there than miss one. Not really it depends if ur 19 ur allowed to date someone who's three yrs younger then u. As long as its legal, then there's nothing wrong with it. Such is life I guess Obviously he's one of the asshats in our age group who never grew up and is still out there just seeking the next notch for his bed post.

Three or four whole years!? I won't date anyone that us more than a year younger. My boyfriend is 9months younger than me. I can tolerate that. I won't date more than 8 years older. A person Mustbe within 3 or four days of my age for me I consider dating them, or at least hot! At the youngest ages it probably will.

I'd be careful about going much younger at your age. Depends on age and maturity. Probably not in my 20's either. But in my 30's and 40's - depends on maturity. Just speaking for myself here. True, was thinking my age, but 19 years old stay above I generally go for the women 5 TO 10 YEARS PLUS OLDER THAN ME. Only a problem if one of the people is under There might be exceptions, but the greater the difference the greater fire tv review uk dating site problems posed by age i think.

My maturity level is around so I normally look for guys in their mid 20s. No younger then me due to not being mature enough. For me, older works better I only date I rarely date anyone even in the vicinity of my age. Mostly 5 sometimes 10 or more years younger. Must be why I'm still single. Age does not matter as long as you are of age to be dating in that age group. I guess some people are slow learners? I'll date someone thirty-two years younger or older. I see myself as someone who is a lil bit too matured for my age and always turn to date and really bond well with women 5 to 20 years older than me.

And it is always interesting and there are less quarrels that come with dating less matured girl, the matured woman knows when to give you space when you need it, gives you the right attention Personally I would yes, personally I would yes. At my age I could date someone years older or younger and be safe. At your age, OP, only go older because going younger is jail dating someone three years older. I don't advise it in here which is why I've never asked the candy girl out, but if I had the opportunity and she knew how old I really am, why not?

I've been too many decades between dates. Usually I prefer at least years older. But I've got a couple years on my current. It all depends on the person. I've only dated a few that are younger than me. I prefer either my age or older. Jesus would make a shitty date. All he'd do would go around preaching about bullshit and hes a dating someone three years older as well. He had no car or wealth, he wasnt even into material things that get girls pantys wet.

He would talk about how everyone should get along and have positive messages and we all know women just aint into that stuff. That was a very ugly post there kiddo. Why can't you behave yourself??

Is ok if I'm dating someone 3 years older?


Would You Date Someone Who Was 10 Years Older Than You


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