Puck and santana dating

Puck and santana dating

List of Minor Relationships

Puck-Quinn Relationship

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It seems this section is under construction right now. Please wait before editing to avoid conflicts. List of Minor Relationships is a list of relationships who had minor interactions and storylines on Glee. April bring Holly back to Lima to try and cheer New Directions up as April feels bad about raising their hopes and then disappointing them.

April butters the floor for Holly to make abd standard entrance. Much to Wills surprise, it's revealed that they've been friends for a while as there is a Facebook page for all guests of the Glee club. They both perform in Happy and later are seen sitting in the rafters of the auditorium sahtana vowing to save the Glee club together. Holly and April are playing "Kill, Pucj, or Bone," in the teacher's lounge, before being interrupted by Sue.

They ask Sue if they can bring more music to the school that isn't Glee club, abd Sue agrees as long as Will is involved. After Don't Stop Believin'Holly and April are standing and watching everyone on stage. April tells her that she did good and Holly says that their work is done and they looked flawless doing it. Then she asks April to go on a gay boy cruise with her and they leave. Becky decides to find a new boyfriend for herself.

Seeing as he is also disabled, she picks Artie. She asks him out on a date. Slightly uncomfortable with the situation, Artie invites Becky to watch him, Mr. Becky enjoys the performance and, when it's over, tells Artie that "part one" of their date was amazing, informing him that "part two" will be dinner at Breadstix. When his fellow Glee Club members question Artie about his intentions with Becky, he tells them that he had a really great time with her, calling them shallow for making it about appearances only.

However, when Becky sends Artie a nude photo of herself, inviting him to "seal the deal" with her, he starts to consider their relationship and asks Puck and santana dating for advice, who tells him that, seeing as Becky just wants to be treated like everyone else, he should just be honest and break up with her. Later that week, Artie approaches Becky and breaks up with her.

When she asks him whether the reason is her intimidating mood and he agrees, but as she walks away, her voice-over in the voice of the Queen of England confirms that she knows it's due to her having Puck and santana dating Syndrome. However, Becky promises herself to be strong. In Artie's dream, Artie runs into a pregnant Becky, who is blatantly coming onto him. Rory - as his guardian angel - explains to him how, with his popularity, Artie never bothered going on there date a year prior, leaving Becky with a lack of self-respect and confidence, which has turned her into the school slut.

Becky is one of the girls who buys the "Men of McKinley" calendar from the New Directions. When Becky gets to Artie, she asks him to sign her calender and calls him her "future husband," leaving him confused, while she walks away, hugging the calender. When Becky watches Artie and Kitty kiss, she snaps and tells Kitty that she's getting her "sloppy seconds," seeing as she had Artie first.

Later, she watches Artie and other members of the New Directions perform Applause. Artie notices Becky's reluctance about college. Despite Sue's threats and claims that Becky isn't ready for college, Artie decides to help her. He invites Becky to the auditorium and sings Honesty for her. At first Becky mistakes it for a declaration of love, but Artie puck and santana dating it up, telling her to be honest about her desire to go to college.

Becky reveals that she's afraid of what other people will say about her disability, but Artie tells her that she needs unilearn online dating site face her fears in order to overcome them. Artie explains his plan to Sue puck and santana dating she finally agrees to let Becky explore her options. Artie and Becky go to the University of Cincinnati to look at an inclusive college program for students with developmental disabilities.

Touring the college and making new friends, Becky decides that she is ready for college after all. Emma introduced Artie to Betty, and described her who described her as a blonde with big breasts, which seems to please Artie. They meet in the church shortly before Emma and Will 's wedding, where Artie is disheartened to find that Betty is less than thrilled to meet him.

Later, Artie invites her to dance, which she accepts. She later appears when she sntana Artie he was one of her best sexual conquests and apologizes for the way she pcuk him speed dating honolulu 2013 the wedding. Artie asks puck and santana dating out on a date, which she accepts. Betty isn't seen again, but is briefly referenced when Kitty mentions that "the puck and santana dating in the wheelchair" broke up with Artie, thus clearing up the fact about their up puck and santana dating then unknown relationship status.

During The Glee ProjectAli who plays Betty, frequently expressed an interest in both Kevin McHale and his character. She also stated that she would love to work with him on the show. Blaine auditions for the supporting role of Officer Krupke in the school musical West Side Storywhich is directed by Artie, along with Coach Beiste puck and santana dating Pyck. Impressed by his sanana, Artie asks him if he would be interested in auditioning for Tony.

During a rehearsal of West Side StoryArtie voices his concerns over Blaine and Rachel not being able to properly portray their roles due to them not having lost their virginity yet, unlike sanana characters. When Blaine, BrittanyTina and Unique compete for the spot of the "new Rachel," Artie is the one judging their performance of Call Me Maybe. After having held an online poll, Artie picks Blaine as the new lead soloist puck and santana dating the New Directions.

The Role You Were Born to Play. Artie comments on his puck and santana dating, claiming that although it's a Sandy song, he is still the Danny Zuko they want for the play. Blaine refuses and explains that he can't portray love since he ruined his own relationship. Artie asks which role he might consider taking and is consequently cast as puk Puck and santana dating. Girls and Boys on Film. When Artie reveals that daying winners of the New Directions' annual mash-up competition will be cast as lead roles in his student project movie, Blaine is enthusiastic to win.

Puck-Santana Relationship


Glee's Real-life Romances!

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