Row could not be located for updating

Row could not be located for updating

" Row cannot be located for updating." WHAT??

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Sparx Systems EA User Guide. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Enterprise Architect 13 Released! The forum has been updated! Home Help Search Login Register. Row cannot be located for updating. Ryan Kelly EA Novice Posts: I'm seeing errors reported updating row could not be located for updating elements within our model. The update seems to work but I'm concerned by the error. The following is the error reported.

Microsoft Cursor Engine [] Row cannot be located for updating. Some values may have been changed since it was last read. We are using the shared database MySQL backed by VC Subversion team sharing setup. Other members of the team are not experiencing the problem. I have tried re-installing EA and using a fresh Subversion working copy of the model but this has not rectified the problem. Does EA store some data locally, outside of any VC working copy?

I'm thinking that it does since this error seems to suggest that this data is out-of-sync with that in the shared database. Simon M EA Administrator EA Guru Posts: That error usually indicates that you haven't checked the 'Return matched rows instead of affected rows' checkbox when setting up your MySQL ODBC connection. It doesn't get to insert the register in the database successfully. I've noticed this or something similar when EA has generated duplicate GUIDs.

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How to Fix Kernel32 Dll Errors

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