Shes dating the gangster by bianca b bernardino

Shes dating the gangster by bianca b bernardino

She's Dating the Gangster Quotes

She’s Dating the Gangster

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You pick up a book randomly, it's happenstance. You might be craving for some literature or it's simply out of boredom. But when a book is finished, it's kismet. We often don't realize how a book can subconsciously run our lives Nothing is ever truly random or planned. I suggest you dive into a book like you dive into your life Hi dear,I'm peaking in your blog right now, and it was amazing how you've managed to update this book reviews.

Thanks for passing by. I really hope someone would give an act and make it through the films: But it seems unlikely. One of the Bob Ong books shes dating the gangster by bianca b bernardino made into film though. Thanks for the link Jamie! I'm sorry I don't have the summary. This is a "book-review" blog. I am also hooked to this SDTG, i have read it many times. Still can't get over Kenji.

I soo love this fan fiction book and now it will be a movie, soon. What I felt about She's Shes dating the gangster by bianca b bernardino the Gangster by Bianca B. This was recommended to me by Tanny! Athena Dizon just arrived from Korea and recently got enrolled in Southwell High School. Kenji, Southwell's very own gangster-looking bad boy heartthrob, meets Athena. Coincidentally, Kenji's ex-girlfriend whom he is not over yet is named Athena 'Abigail' Tizon.

Somehow Kenji manages to persuade Athena into helping him get Abigail back. Unfortunately, the two develops feelings for each other. Will Athena date this gangster for real? Join in the bandwagon and read on! A one-hit Wattpad success this is! We had our generic falling-for-the-bad-boy hate-love relationship plunged into a fast-paced whirlwind of events. It was all too unbelievable for a page book but the charm and the pull of the story was evident.

This book is a total hit with the Pinoy youth. I just hope the production companies are smart enough to recognize this and buy the movie rights already Morela Encarnacion September 16, at 6: Loraine September 22, at 9: Sky January 8, at D Loraine January 9, at 3: Jamie Emmanuelle Sebastian January 29, at 5: Loraine January 29, at 9: Christine pineda February 22, at 4: Loraine February 25, at Loraine May 11, shes dating the gangster by bianca b bernardino Newer Post Older Post Home.

Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend by Cassie About Me Loraine Hello there - Greetings! The age is 19, and as you can see this is my 3rd year of reviewing books. The taste is YA but mind you, I try everything! I'm just going to give you a hearty welcome That wasn't hearty at all. Whoever you are, you are always free to visit this place, you always have an iced-latte-lovin' friend in me!

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She's Dating the Gangster


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She's Dating The Gangster

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