Updating to windows 10 1511 media

Updating to windows 10 1511 media

Use the Microsoft media creation tool to force the Windows 10 Anniversary Update today

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Microsoft released the first major update to its Windows 10 operating system yesterday. It offers new features and improvements across the board, and while it is not enough to convince users who dislike Windows 10 to give it a shot, it should be beneficial to most users who run the operating system already. The update is deployed via Windows Update and all it should take is to go into PC Settings to check for the update and install it.

There you need to click on the check for updates button to run a manual check. This should work fine for most users but there are three situations where the update won't show in the dialog:. Microsoft notes on the official FAQ for the November update that Windows 10 will only appear in Windows Update if the operating system has been clean installed or if the upgrade dates back to at least 31 days. In other words, if you have upgraded a computer to Windows 10 in the past 31 days, you won't get the update right away.

The updating to windows 10 1511 media for this is that Microsoft wants to make sure that you can downgrade to the previous operating system. If you would make the new upgrade, you won't be able to do so anymore. Defer updates is an option for Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise systems to block feature updates from being installed right away on the system. If you have enabled that option, you won't receive feature updates like the versionupgrade for Windows 10 right away. This prevents the update from being found via Windows Update.

That's usually a good thing as you may want to test the update before you deploy it on productive machines. If that is not the case, or if you don't have access to the Group Policy Editor, then you may want to use a tweak software like Windows 10 Privacy for that instead You find other suitable privacy programs for Windows 10 in our overview. If it is, deselect it and check for updates using PC Settings again. If you have updating to windows 10 1511 media the update to the new version of Windows, you won't get it offered again in Windows Update.

The only option to download and install it again in this case is to click the "upgrade now" button on Microsoft's Get Windows 10 website. Be sure that you haven't disabled Windows Firewall! Otherwise, the Update won't install. In fact, NO updates will install. Surface Pro updated fine, HP laptop does not see it and thinks it is fully updated. I didn't get the update yet, and I don't defer, haven't uninstalled anything, and upgraded to Windows 10 Updating to windows 10 1511 media from Windows 8.

I tried Safe Mode, Windows TroubleShooter and even disabling and uninstalling my virus protection. I also didn't get the updating to windows 10 1511 media yet but don't meet any of these requirements. My system came with Win 7 Pro but I never got the 'upgrade to win10' icon when it came out so I did the MS hack to get the icon and it worked and I upgraded back in Aug just after it came out.

Might that have something to do with why I'm still not seeing the update, or is it still being staggered and just wait a couple more days? Are others still not getting it too? I assume it must be staggered. I had to wait 10 days for the 8. It would be nice if it was made clear to us by Microsoft though rather than having to guess. THey're getting better with product and worse at managing customer expectations. This seems to be a world trend as people lose the ability to communicate effectively in general!

You can download the update stand alone from here you will need to open this link with internet explorer 6 or later:. I have started upgrade download twice in the last 24 hours, and in both instances the download is incredibly, to ridiculously, to even colombia south america dating site, slow. Like others, I don't meet any of those requirements and am not getting the update. I tried again this morning as well. Guess it will show when it wants to show.

Unless someone knows a way to manually download it or force it. A few days ago, I had to reset my pc. If you don't want to wait the 31 days you can use the "Disk Cleanup" utility type it into the Cortana search boxthen choose "Clean up System Files" then choose the "Previous Updating to windows 10 1511 media installation s " and then OK. I also do not meet any of the listed requirements and the update is not showing on my newer computer.

It showed and is installing on my 6 year old backup computer. If, every time something chooses not to work or appear as per the update in my case, we are going to have to re-install Windows 10, people are not going to be happy. I am not going to be happy. Can the media creation tool https: I've read differing things on different websites about this, maybe someone here can help.

I have an old socket AMD opteron 2. I tried upgrading windows 7 bit to windows 10 bit, but of course it failed because the processor lacks the CMPXCHG16b instruction. Why on earth did they remove the software fallback that worked perfectly fine in past versions if you lack this instruction when there are still millions of these systems out there in active duty?! I've read that some people were able to still get the 64bit version to work with a fresh install rather than upgrade.

When I first tried that when 10 came out, setup would freeze. Has anyone tried it updating to windows 10 1511 media with a later release and had it work? I know they have made some updating to windows 10 1511 media to the way setup works now. Thanks for any info, guys. Use the Media Creation Tool to upgrade immediately to the latest wide release build. The link at Microsoft is in the middle of the following page: I forgot to add that on my laptop the upgrade took 1 hour and 35 minutes.

Once started you need to click on a couple buttons I wonder if Microsoft will ever understand that a cancel button that allows a non-stop install would be better. My wife's ThinkPad Core i5 2. The only issue that bugs me is that Edge again became the default PDF reader. I needed to change it back to FoxIt Reader. Default programs should NOT be changed by Microsoft going from one Windows 10 build to another. The privacy settings were left alone, which was a pleasant surprise.

It's a worthwhile upgrade. It says right on the media updating to windows 10 1511 media tool page "These downloads cannot be used to update Windows 10 PCs to the November update Version

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